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The Problem with New Years Resolutions

For some reason, the new year brings with it an army new starts everywhere from the gym to the fridge and that happens in between. However, despite the positive intention behind the new years resolution

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Maximise Return on Your Investment

Many organisations avail of management, learning and development intervention on an ad-hoc basis. Based on a specific need that arises or challenges being experienced by the organisation. However, for

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My problem with the term ‘Life Coaching’

‘What’s in a name’, William Shakespeare’s Romeo once famously asked. Perhaps on a cellular level not much. However, we live in a visual age where the optics have become far more significant than

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Coaching: Empowering Development

The word Coaching has become layered with a lot of different meaning. Definitions tend to morph and evolve depending on who you talk to. Added to this a host of bandwagon-jumpers have further clouded the

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