Interview Coaching

Knowing your edge

Lesson 1

Before you begin practicing, or clarifying the message you want to deliver in order to have the most impact, we must first understand and recognise precisely what your ‘edge’ over the other candidates will be.

By edge we mean the unique aspect of what you offer that will separate you from the everyone else. This is what it all boils down to. What are you better at than the competition? Why should you get the job? We regularly ask our clients this at H-Training and you would be surprised by how often people are stumped by the question. In one sense this message that encapsulates your edge is the basic strategy you will be implementing for getting chosen. If you can’t answer that question it in a couple of sessions then we have some work to do. This is the foundation and we build upon this as we prepare.

Along these lines there has been an enormous shift in Ireland, across both public and private sectors' towards a competency based framework for interviews since the mid nineties. Competencies are a collection of core behaviours desired from the employer in order to help the candidate perform better in the roles they are interviewing for. And in this vein they are the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your abilities and, furthermore, distinguish yourself.

Basic examples of these competencies are:

1. Teamwork
2. Problem Solving
3. Decision Making
4. Strategic Planning
5. Leadership 

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