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Competency Based Interview Coaching

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By working with Civil and Public Service, Multi-Nationals and SMEs H-Training is uniquely placed to offer specialist expertise to Interview boards. Our exposure enables H-Training to know the competencies essential for each job role.

Here at H-Training we have supported thousands of clients at all levels in advancing their careers. We do this by having developed behavioural competencies for almost thirty-years and applying this experience to each roles. 

Competency Based Interview Coaching

H-Training’s Interview Coaching Programme is for those seeking support for upcoming interviews and covers the following:

• How to develop your edge for the job role for which you are being interviewed
• Skilled tuition in how to answer interview questions effectively
• Understanding the job role and the relevant competencies

• Presenting information in a logical and structured manner
• Techniques to manage your thinking and control nervousness before and during the interview

1 Hour Session - €80  |  2 Hour Session - €150  |  Online Session - €60 per hour

Interview Board Training

Interview Board Training covers the knowledge and skills for interviewing candidates with a particular emphasis on the competency approach:

• Agreeing and understanding the job role
• Understanding the legal context for interviewing
• Developing a full awareness of the selection process
• How to be effective on an Interview board
• Understanding competencies

• How to ensure that the Interview process supports the selection of the best candidate from applicants
• How to take notes and give feedback
• Assisting the in-house Recruitment team in the recruitment and selection process


In just a couple hours I went from nervous and unsure to confident and composed. An interview is a performance, and I feel I stepped into that room as prepared as I could possibly be

Rarely am I wowed, but this guy clearly had a skill and passion for what he does. I tasked him with a seemingly impossible challenge–to help me ace an interview a week later. We worked on a selection of questions, and he translated my scrambled thoughts into coherent structured answers. He .. helped me develop a theme, a message I was trying to convey .. critical skills I needed to highlight. This enabled me to field any question they threw at me, because even if I didn’t have an answer on hand, I knew the picture I wanted to paint. I had taken a non-traditional path to my career, and I knew this was going to be a huge barrier for me. Ciaran turned this into a positive, incorporating it into my “edge”–what I could offer that was unique and invaluable–and it went off without a hitch! The one thing that I thought would sink me actually seemed to impress them. Ciaran not only helped me answer those difficult questions, he somehow managed to send me in confident, composed, and prepared…a much more difficult challenge!

In just a couple hours I went from nervous and unsure to confident and composed. An interview is a performance, and I feel I stepped into that room as prepared as I could possibly be. My coaching session gave me a structured and planned approach to the interview so I could coherently communicate the message I wanted to convey. Not once did I feel out of my depth or at a loss for words.

Jamie Davis

So Interesting...

An amazing day... very interesting and engaging... would highly recommend as a life skill.

Gabriel O'Donnell

Career Guidance

This service is available at all levels of employment from graduate to executive.

Support for senior and junior personnel in planning or changing career direction.

H-Training provides analysis of your behaviour pattern and uses a 12 point job expectation assessment to guide you through your career move.

H-Training is also an agent for the DiSC Classic Personal Profile Analysis. Your personal profile will give you a better understanding of the type of work culture and industrial sector you relate to. With this analysis and a discussion around your qualifications and work history we will support you to take action on your career direction.

CV Design & Development

Comprehensive, targeted and cost effective CV preparation

We prepare CVs by appointment in order to ensure that the message of who you are, and why a given organisation should hire you, gets across as effectively as possible. We will discuss your career plans with you in order to best tailor your CV and ensure its suitability in achieving these career objectives.

Specialist Services for Private Sector
• Designing and developing your CV.
• Understanding the competencies and relating them to your experience.
• Assisting in the completion of competency application forms
• Understanding the requirements of the role for which you are applying.
• Presenting effectively at Interview

Specialist Services for the Civil & Public Sector
• Assistance with the completion of the competency based application form.
• Understanding the competencies and relating them to your experience.
• Presenting effectively at Interview and answering difficult questions.
• Video recorded practice Interview.

€80 per hour

Right Coaching, Right Career

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