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Preparing your Application Form

The application form is very much a key part of the recruitment process in the Irish Public Service amongst other industries.​Unlike our previous blog on CVs (link), where we argued that there is a need

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My problem with the term ‘Life Coaching’

‘What’s in a name’, William Shakespeare’s Romeo once famously asked. Perhaps on a cellular level not much. However, we live in a visual age where the optics have become far more significant than

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Last Chance U, A Netflix Masterclass in Good and Bad Leadership

Season 2 of Netflix original documentary Last Chance U was recently ‘aired?’ ‘streamed?’ ‘uploaded?’ (however we do it now) and if you haven’t watched it, be sure and put it on your list.The

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Coaching: Empowering Development

The word Coaching has become layered with a lot of different meaning. Definitions tend to morph and evolve depending on who you talk to. Added to this a host of bandwagon-jumpers have further clouded the

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