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H-Suite, formerly known as H-Training, has established a reputation for enhancing team and organisational performance across a range of industries. Our clients include the SME and start up communities, along with regional leaders in pharma, tech, and the public sector.

H-Suite is comprised of four pillars to best engage our clients’ requirements. These include H-Strategy with OKRs, H-Coaching, H-Recruitment and H-Training. Our rebranding and expansion are driven by our reputation as a trusted partner in impacting client success.


The H-Training team provide a range of training programmes to groups at all levels across the public and private sectors. These include Leadership Development, Communications, Coaching & Mentoring, Sales and  Competency-based Interview  Training.

Additionally, H-Training delivers a range of programmes formulated around specific organisational requirements. These have included Conflict Management, Managing Difficult Conversations, Interview Board Training, 360 Feedback, OKRs and career development. 

We are long-standing partners of ILM, who certify some of these programmes as required.


Performance Coaching for Teams has become a central function in how we help our clients enhance their effectiveness. This is a strictly confidential one-to-one service providing individuals with a safe space to explore performance enhancement and troubleshoot solutions to their work/life balance, effective communication, role satisfaction all the way to addressing imposter syndrome and delivering above their objectives. This work can greatly support a team with aggressive goals or one that operates at an intense pace. It also stacks neatly on top of OKR implementation to ensure a progressive and results-oriented approach.

Performance Coaching has also been cited repeatedly by our clients as a key factor in retaining staff. We have overseen extraordinary progression amongst clients; with several coachees progressing from mid-level roles to the C-Suite, and organisations seeing large scale operational and revenue multiples.


H-Suite have now added a recruitment function to our portfolio, with a range of options available depending on your requirements. This expansion was driven by the increasing demand for talent among existing partners and established involvement in several aspects of the selection process.

Given the history of performance coaching across teams, we understand the needs of partner agencies and what was needed to ensure a cultural fit. That initial recruitment piece ultimately transitioned into a recruitment function across various industries, while still retaining the ability to tailor the service around the needs of our clients.


With over 30 years’ experience of coaching CEO’s, Founders and Managing Directors, we have developed a strategic advisory function, adopting OKRs as a vehicle to support scaling and maintain progression.

We can sum up what we do in a simple sentence: we facilitate authentic conversations about how well you are executing your strategy and support you navigating better execution.

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