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H-Training, was founded in 1989 by Helen Hourican, and became one of the earliest providers of learning & development solutions in the Republic of Ireland. Since its advent the central ethos has been the development of others through innovation and empowerment. The focus is on three core elements to navigate client progression, Career Service, Learning & Development and Strategic Consultancy.

Our work in the area of interview coaching, application form development, CV and LinkedIn profiles along with General Career Development, continues to grow from strength to strength. We firmly believe there has never been more opportunity in the professional world than there is today – coupled with access to information and development – its an exciting time for people seeking to better themselves and realise their goals.

In terms of Learning and Development, H-Training is very focused on the provision of Leadership and Coaching programmes grounded in real world and everyday application and has developed a reputation for delivering excellence and providing managers at all levels with the tools to deliver results. . 

Maintaining relationships with industry partners has led to strategic consultancy becoming a core aspect of our practice and has led to the establishment of H-Consulting (coming soon). Guided by thirty year’s experience of working behind the scene with organisations, we are uniquely equipped to deliver value to our clients through targeted L&D solutions, recruitment best practice, HRM consultancy, grievance management, organisational development, as well as executive level mentoring and coaching. We are also passionate advocates of the OKR process and see this as a key part of the future of national strategic development.


Ciaran Hourican

Ciaran is the Managing Director of H-Suite and operates as a Strategic Consultant, OKR Implementor and Performance Coach.

In addition to this he has built a team to scale and deliver high impact Career Development, Leadership and Coaching Programmes and is very active in the area of technology. Ciaran’s approach is to build honest relationships that support real conversations and build cultures of accountability. He is currently coaching 5 CEOs with a combined individual net worth in excess of €100 million and is responsible for multiple million euro verticals within their business’ as a result of this work. While Ciarán is a passionate guardian of the ambitions of others, he is also deeply committed to their wellbeing and advocates a balanced approach to life and its many forms of success.

Interview Coaching Cork

Lorraine Lucid

Lorraine is a Career and Performance Coach operating as Business Unit Manager on the H-Suite team. She is primarily focused on candidates seeking to develop their careers, and acquire roles across the public & private sectors. Lorraine has experience of coaching and mentoring in the public sector, with more recent involvement with tech and the startup world. Passionate about service development and systems building, she is currently contributing to H-Training in a strategic capacity, overseeing partner development, CRM rollout and service standardisation. Lorraine holds a Bachelor in Clinical Law (BCL) degree from University College Cork and graduated with first-class honours in her LLM Master of Law. She has since completed an internationally recognised qualification in Coaching and Mentoring and is an advocate for ambitious people who yearn to do more.

Margaret Collins

Margaret Collins has spent her career working in people Development. She is adept at facilitating clients in unlocking their own potential through effective coaching she will assist you in clarifying your thinking, articulating your competencies, and building your competitive advantage. With over 20 years experience as a senior HR professional, Margaret has designed recruitment processes for many clients and also brings extensive experience of the public sector interview process to the work of Interview Coaching. She is a registered Emotional Intelligence Coach and achieved a first-class Masters in HRM from MTU

Elizabeth Kingston

Elizabeth Kingston is a Senior HR Consultant and Coach with over twenty years’ experience as a Human Resources Manager working at a number of leading multinationals. Elizabeth’s particular areas of expertise is around best practice competency-based performance management, one to one coaching and talent management, which uniquely positions her to support candidates preparing for interview. She is passionately committed to helping clients maximise their potential through coaching and training. Elizabeth is also a CIPD and IITD member as well as an EQi & EQ360 coach.


Helen Hourican

Helen founded H-Training in 1989 and was a pioneer of learning and development in Ireland at the time, leading the the business in a very interesting time as Ireland modernised and became a hotbed of foreign direct investment. Helen grew her team significantly and opened offices in Cork City and later Glanmire. Her clients were extensive and she serviced major contracts for various government departments along with mentoring senior leaders around strategic initiatives. 

She oversaw a series of bold changes in her time as Managing Director of H-Training and moved to a remote working arrangement in 2006, which was, like so much of what she did, well ahead of the curve. Helen has impacted the lives of thousands of clients at all levels and is well regarded across a very eclectic mix of both workplaces and society. Her humorous and direct approach was revered by many and the H-Training team is proud to shepherd her legacy into the digital age and beyond. Helen retired in 2020 due to ill health, but continues to inspire us all, with how gracefully she has continued on. 

Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

SDG3 Good Health & Wellbeing


At H-Suite, we help organisations and individuals obtain and provide meaningful employment through mentoring, coaching and training. Our central ethos in terms of career development and leadership is empowerment through work in order to achieve self- actualisation.

We actively promote work-life balance, the right to disconnect and to align one’s objectives with their core values to think more strategically.

We work with various community groups to make the concept of work and wellbeing accessible to disadvantaged communities. 



Our focus is on the interpersonal aspect of a rounded education which we address in our leadership programmes and coaching courses. We guide people towards certain educational routes that will enhance their employability, while supporting them in receiving feedback.

All of the H-Training team are educated to Masters level and are highly skilled advocates for education and personal development. We regularly update our CPD credentials while continuously enhancing our programmes in Leadership, Management, Sales Training and Coaching. 

SDG5 Gender Equality


Our organisation was found by a single mother in 1989, whose legacy very much informs a lot of what we do today. Inspired by the business woman who has trained many young women and advocated for women’s empowerment through innovation – we are supporting our female entrepreneurs by getting them more involved with like-minded associates and helping them to enhance their capacity within the business. 

SDg 7 clean energy


H-Suite is moving towards conscious energy consumption. Working in a lean capacity in a co-working arrangement – we share many resources to minimise our carbon footprint. Our building has an efficient air circulation system, all lighting has been upgraded to LED and the walls were reinsulated to improve the overall energy use.

Internally, we are running an education campaign among our staff to raise awareness on conscious energy consumption practices. Our staff is doing an online SEAI Academy course to improve energy efficiency both in the office and at home. 

SDG8 Decent Work and Economic Growth


We work extensively with competency-based frameworks with both individuals and employers. Our key deliveries are H-Strategy with OKRs, H-Coaching, H-Recruitment and H- Training with a tailored approach to each client’s requirement.

Advocating for a balanced approach to work life through leadership practices and organisational cultures helps us to support employee retention through positive treatment and development.

Empowering people through work to achieve self-actualisation results in economic growth and leads to sustainable and diversified employment.

We promote youth employment by providing work placements for MTU marketing students as well as leading the Young Leaders Programme. 



H-Suite is ambitious to be on the top of the curve when it comes to innovation and adaptation to new technology. We focus on the rapid change in the market dynamics when it comes to the age of AI and the development of the career space.

We integrate modern technology such as task management software for teamwork optimization, digital signature software to support our paperless environment, and various innovative sales tools to support our resilient business infrastructure. 

SDG10 Reducing Inequalities


At H-Suite we are very passionate about our careers and feel that meaningful employment is an opportunity everyone should be able to avail of. We work at reduced rates with non- profit organisations to make our services more accessible to disadvantaged cohorts. We ai to help communities understand the opportunities available to them and improve their circumstances. 



H-Suite adheres to the waste management requirements of our facilities’ waste collection provider, follows the building’s waste policy as well as it has its own Waste Management Policy.

It encourages our staff to be mindful with using resources, to use reusable kitchenware, to avoid single use plastic, to avoid printing and recycling ink cartridges.

H-Suite donates its old laptops to Simon Community and disposes of electronic devices responsibly. 

SDG13 Climate Action


H-Suite aspires to be a digitally sustainable service provider that practices sustainability while embracing digital transformation.

We are currently reviewing our digital and tech stack to assess its efficiency. We are working towards reduction of our digital carbon footprint through sustainable practices and minimization.

We are already using green hosting for our website that has a carbon footprint rating of A. Our website credentials and educational campaign will help to spread digital sustainability awareness among our clients. 

SDG17 partnerships for the goals


In H-Suite we nurture our existing partnerships while actively looking to collaborate with the ESG- focused organisations that align with our values.

Our involvement with public institutions such as Cork County and City Councils along with a range of others such as Speire Nua, Sailing into Wellness, Autism Awareness Dogs Ireland, Republic of Work – allows us to support public initiatives with a good cause. 

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