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The team provide comprehensive competency-based interview training to teams at all levels across the public sector to support performance standards during the selection process. H-Training offers guidance and structure to enhance candidate delivery, facilitating better outcomes for candidates and ensuring employers have the relevant insight into candidate competencies. We are currently working in partnership with Trade Unions and Local Authorities to implement training programmes focused on application form development and interview performance.

Additionally, H-Training deliver a range of trainings formulated around specific organisational requirements. These have included programmes centring on conflict resolution and managing difficult conversations, interview board training, leadership and management, sales training and team development and Workplace Coaching and Mentoring.

Group Training

With over 30-years-experience across corporate and public sector settings, the H-Training team have a unique and broad ranging insight into what it takes to progress your career pathway. Our understanding of the sector enables us to forecast relevant developments, supporting clients to navigate opportunities for progression and redirection.

We understand there may be specific dynamics or issues which hinder organisational objectives. Our training team will work with you to identify these patterns and tailor training to support the organisational purpose.

Group Interview Training

The H-Training team has worked extensively across the public, private and third sectors to support the cohesive adoption of a competency-based structure to recruitment. This unique involvement has equipped our team to provide valuable guidance to clients on effective recruitment structures and selection programmes. 

H-Training’s Group Interview training is a comprehensive programme for staff members seeking progression. The group approach enables the organisation to provide focused support learners, contributing to better engagement and more returns from your group. Our programme will deliver dynamic and engaging material that will encourage learners to recognise their own capacity in an interview setting.

Training design is tailored around organisational requirements –  whether competency-based or otherwise – our team will work with you to identify your teams defined criteria and desired emphasis.

Leadership Development

This programme will challenge you to reflect on your experience of leadership, identify leadership styles, and most importantly apply them to your everyday management practice.

Current and specific issues in  leadership practice are examined. These include unpacking the responsibilities of participants in achieving specific organisational goals,  evaluating own performance  in this, as well as clarifying skills and barriers in constructing a personal development plan. Processes of delegation and empowerment will be discussed, and the characteristics and behaviours associated with initiative, creativity and innovation and how to foster them. Participants will learn about theory and practical techniques to measure team performance against organisational goals, build motivation and commitment, as well as evaluating performance and providing effective feedback.

Sales Training

H-Training has trained and mentored sales teams in Twitter, Google, McAfee, Paypal and Teamwork. We are very passionate about this work and appreciate the challenge in the modern sales environment.

This programme is directed at sales teams of all levels to develop and hone both their message and the structure of their engagements.

It incorporates a discovery phase, pinpointing desired outcomes, areas for improvement, the product pitch, distinguishing from competitors, as well as profiling the team. Subsequent training sessions examine the psychology of sales, buyer alignment and decision making models, sales pitch development and handling objections. 

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