Sales Training

Sales Training

H-Training’s sales training in Cork and Dublin help businesses realise better results by improving methodologies, developing the language that sales people use and ultimately improve conversion rates. These programmes are available for individual sales executives or sales teams in larger training environments. 

In a competitive market? Find your edge over your competitors with our focused sales programmes. Whether you are a new recruit, emerging sales executives or seasoned sales professional, H-Training will provide the right skills accompanied with tailored plans to ensure goals are met.

We offer engaging, interactive and enriching sales training programs especially designed to help you and your team realise your sales potential. At H-training we understand that markets are competitive, and our courses can be tailored to you, whether you’re a rep, working within a wider sales environment, SDR or managing or a part of a larger enterprise sales team.

Our program offers you support with your sales process for whatever stage you currently find yourself in your career, we are here to help you excel within your field. Predominantly, the localities we offer our sales training are Cork and Dublin. Each of our programs will be tightly structured, with learning categorised into managing the sales territory, becoming effective within sales conversations, and maintaining motivation within a sales environment.

The sales training experts on our team have a wealth of experience that they use to nurture the talent of any team or individual. Managing the sales territory is an essential aspect of advanced sales training. This module will cover techniques designed to help you stay conversant with the area you are pitching to. This also applies to phone sales training, and may include aspects such as: 

  • How to record your data in a manner that is both helpful and accessible. This could include making notes about individual customers and plotting sales routes
  • If you are a sales manager, we will cover how you might approach delegating responsibilities within your sales territory
  • We will also train you in how your data might be analysed and utilised for maximum impact

Expert sales training programmes are essential to help you establish a customer base, and build mutually profitable relationships with your customers. Irrespective of your working environment, this aspect of our course is central within the sales training in Cork and nationwide.

Whether phone sales training or considering actual encounters, we cover all sorts of sales strategies and will offer you guidance on how to choose which to employ on a case-by-case basis. Our training is bespoke and does not come off the shelf. We also provide leadership programmes and competency-based interview training.

One example of an effective conversation strategy might be Neil Rackahm’s concept of SPIN selling:

  • Situation, where a sales rep seeks a sound understanding of a potential customer’s present situation and resources
  • Problem, where by utilising opening questions, the rep establishes what problems they are faced with, and are led to consider the inconvenience of these problems and to seek a resolution
  • Implication, where the prospective customer looks at the consequences of their problem, and the rep counters this with empathy and a genuine desire to find a remedy.
  • Need/Payoff, where, if all of the above strategies have been effectively deployed, the customer recognises the intrinsic value of what you are offering

We offer sales programmes for sales reps, sellers in  retail environments and call centres. Our sales programmes focus primarily on three main areas: Managing the sales territory; becoming effective in the sales conversation and maintaining motivation in the sales environment.

From experience of sales training in Cork and Dublin, we recognise how important it is to stay fresh and motivated. Our programs cover modules addressing possible sales techniques, both for managers and employees.

We will coach you on aspects such as establishing trust within a sales team, how to facilitate intercommunication between every level of your business, how to quickly identify and work to eliminate issues, and how to effectively reward people.

To some extent, within a sales environment, the old proverb that “time is money” rings true. This module of our training programme covers techniques centred around eliminating non-essential tasks, coaching on how to approach everything, including emails, in an efficient manner, and how to take advantage of momentum and replicate past success.

A sales environment is orientated towards the customer: what is their behaviour, how we can be of service and address their needs, whilst turning a profit. Excellent customer service for many is a source of profound motivation and job satisfaction, as well as leading to a high conversion rate. An important part of our programme for sales training in Cork is, as Bill Gates says, ‘even your most unhappy customers are a source of learning.”

Receiving and processing payments within a sales environment may seem straightforward, but the importance of being precise and efficient can never be overstated. Within our Sales Development coaching, we will cover the importance of aspects such as invoicing promptly and before the due date, as well as how to effectively manage payments over the telephone.

Buyer behaviour is critical to improving any business model, and this area of our programme is designed to help you gain a sound understanding of this, precisely why and how it is important, and how you can implement your knowledge whilst at work.

  • Buyer behaviour dictates the process of purchasing. It is always to marketers’ advantage to work out how and why different demographics of people buy certain products
  • Analysis of buyer behaviour can allow a business to establish which of their products or services make a worthwhile return, and which are not so effective. This will help a business to determine where to deploy its funds and manpower.
  • Many software programs can help gather and analyse consumer behaviour, and it’s advantageous to understand some of them. 

Another aspect within our sales training Cork focuses on how we can deliver a convincing message when selling, with the aim of securing more successful sales. We help you to consider aspects such as timing, memorability, the novelty of information, and how to sync body language when making a sales presentation. All of these factors can influence the customer in such a way as to gain their empathy, and make it more likely that your presentation will yield a positive outcome.

One module of our sales training helps you to consider the objectives of the Marketing team and how Sales relationships with them are key. Certain techniques are most effective for your needs. This is a vital aspect of sales, as it can set you thinking about who your target audience is, and how you might captivate them. A few sub-topics associated with Marketing techniques we might cover include: 

  • How to tell a story with visual content
  • Creating your brand
  • The importance of ensuring all staff are adequately trained and have fundamental knowledge of the products that are on display

We are focused on delivering programmes that can help you be better. To carry out your sales role effectively, we aim in this module to equip you with the tools you need to manage personal obstacles. As a lead provider of sales training in Cork and Dublin, we leave no stone unturned.

Research suggests that companies and businesses with higher attrition yield lower quota attainments, so we help you to identify the types of stress that can be harmful. We will also provide essential coaching on how to turn stress into success. Often, aspects such as sales incentive trips, commissions and internal competition will certainly help.

H-Training also helps people with career coaching and interview coaching.

Our aim is to facilitate your grasping all of these things, and learning how to turn them to your advantage within any sales environment.

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