Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy

We consult across a range of industries from manufacturing and pharma to engineering and big tech.

With over 30 years of experience across a range of sectors H-Training has overseen a wide range of large scale initiatives.  In doing so, we have supported many organisations and senior managers to realise their goals. We do this through clarifying the strategic direction of the organisation, agreeing a methodology for execution and then engaging on the development of the team to empower them to execute.

Much of H-Training’s work to date has been conducted through a variety of different mediums from Executive Learning and Development initiatives to Coaching and Strategic Human Resource Management. We have consulted across a range of industries from manufacturing and pharma to engineering and more recently big tech and within each division from CEO and Managing Director level to Finance, Sales and HR. Our exposure to such an eclectic mix of industry, along with the successfully running of a business for over thirty years, provides H-Training with a unique insight into what makes organisations work. 

There has never been such a radical shift under way in the professional world as SaaS and AI continue to dominate and Covid 19 and the rise of Digital Nomads has reimagined the workplace in ways simply unimaginable a mere 5 years ago. It is H-Training’s sense that this is only the beginning of the hockey stick. These developments are only just beginning, and it is important to recognised how to utilise them to your own ends. We are well equipped to advise you on how to implement new strategies and avail of simple tweaks in process, along with employing technology to better position your enterprise for a new era.  

In much of our work with deal with people who struggle with blocks that are more psychological than not. While it is important to recognise these, we also feel that they can be challenged and in doing so opening up a broad range of expertise and opportunity to you. H-Training is very focused on both building and facilitating partnerships. We have seen organisations build incredible things with others and as a seasoned contractor we understand the power of collaboration.  

Based on this insight and the suggestion of our clients we have developed this offering to support Senior and Executive teams, clarify and execute on their strategic direction.

This involves facilitation and brain storming sessions with the Executive and Senior Teams to clarify their long-term strategic direction, iron out any differing outlooks and both supporting and challenging the senior team to operate in concert. There are often unspoken differences at C level and senior management. As an objective party we work with our clients to identify and supportively and collaboratively challenges teams to work towards the larger imperatives. By traversing silos in this manner and challenge stakeholders at all levels, we continuously receive glowing feedback about our integrity and no nonsense approach to what really matters and how close you are to realising success. 

Ciarán Hourican manages this work entirely and will bring his experience as an Executive Mentor, Coach and business leader to bear on the strategic challenges. Ciaran has worked across a host of blue-chip organisations and spearheaded H-Training’s shift to a digital offering along with being highly focused on innovation and opportunity. Ciarán recognises that no business operates in a vacuum and there are always opportunities even through difficult times.  

Beyond Ciarán’s experience he brings a much sought-after approach to difficult conversations and continues to develop a reputation for overcoming disputes and galvanising big personalities in the same direction. Ciarán approach is simple. Identify what you want to achieve in the next five years. Collaborate with the stakeholders, review you team’s suitability to execute on this plan, agree outcomes and monitor progress. Accountability is an essential practice in any organisation. Understanding how you do this and standardising it will help your team’s performance along with clarifying what the senior team requires from its people. Establishing a culture or accountability starts at the top. 

H-Training is then uniquely positioned to expand upon this work and upskill your leadership teams from Senior Level to middle management into ensure that they are all pulling in the same direction.

Strategic Consultancy at H-Suite

H-Training is a big advocate of the OKR System, as depicted in John Doer’s recent book, Measure what Matters. We are currently engaged with a start up in the tech field who are adapting OKRs as a central staple of their strategic direction. This is a relatively nascent practice and unique from usual performance management systems we have grown so accustomed to.  

What is different about OKRs is that they unite and simplify the strategic direction. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. And Objective is the end goal. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve? A Key Result is how you measure your progress towards this. If you want to turnover 1.2 million next year, we can call that you objective. A Key Result is to turn over €100,000 plus revenue per month in getting there. But this is obviously very binary in that it reviews only revenue.  

Larger OKRs, will be informed by an organization’s levels of ambition. Do you want to be the leading supplier of your service in your particular area? Ok, so let’s review the landscape. Who else provides this service? How can you measure the market? Who are the service users and what portion of them do you need to acquire to be the leading supplier. All of these questions can be viewed as Key Results, attendant to the larger objective.  

It is also important that we establish timelines. How long have you got to implement this? OKRs that are not timebound cannot be reviewed accountably. We can keep pushing it out month on month and essentially get nowhere. The beauty about OKRs is that they are either delivered or they are not. That simple fact can allow you to build a robust culture of accountability and spearhead development in a range of different areas. This can include new product lines, M&A, increasing headcount or developing new services along with bolstering a culture of positivity. Additionally, there are more subtle OKRs that can be seen as part of a cultural housekeeping approach. One client has currently set an OKR to reduce staff turnover and boost morale. While these are not directly commercial, they will have a big impact if delivered, and further serve the company by limiting the necessity to retraining and recruit. 

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