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At H-Training, it’s easy to connect with a professional career coach in Dublin. Too many people emphasize on technical skills and qualifications while searching for their next job. However, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are equally important when it comes to making the next steps in your chosen career. A career coach can help with this. 

Sometimes, those earning big salaries are dissatisfied in their careers. At H-Training, we provide coaching support to job seekers on every rung of the employment ladder. Whether you’re considering the next steps or are thinking about a more significant career transition, we can help. 

Curious about career coaching? There’s no one-size-fits-all remit for a professional career coach. At H-Training, we understand that the needs of all of our clients in Dublin are unique. That’s why our approach is a highly collaborative process. Our team has extensive coaching career experience, making it easy for you to identify your career ambitions and development goals.  
We can help you with all the technical aspects of taking your career to the next level. Need guidance on drafting a first-rate CV or cover letter? No problem. Looking for a career coach in Ireland who can guide you through the finer points of the interview process? We can help with that too. Our career coaches can help you develop the skills needed to achieve your goals and progress up the corporate ladder.  
At H-Training, we believe in a multifaceted approach to career development. Our career coaches will work with you to develop an effective career development strategy. This can include refining personal skills but also concentrates on things like emotional intelligence and behaviour. Everyone’s different, which is why you need a tailored strategy to succeed. We will deliver just that, providing a customised program that’s exclusive to you. 

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Each of our clients is unique, which is we’ll tailor the coaching process to the individual. However, a few key steps are involved in every process:

1. Outlining Career Goals

What comes to mind when you think about career satisfaction? Everyone’s answer will be different. Some people are content with a regular income and a set schedule, while others crave spontaneity and variety. Some people will want a higher salary and others an improved work-life balance. 

Career coaching begins with understanding the preferences of individual clients. These metrics can then be used as a measure of professional success. Furthermore, this step will shape an overall growth plan, making it easier to identify potential employment opportunities.  

2. Assessment: Experience, Qualifications, Strengths and Weaknesses

Some people are better suited to certain careers than others. Your career goals need to align with your strengths and weaknesses. An assessment will shine a lot on what’s realistically achievable for a client at the current point in their career. However, there’s scope for development here. Experience and qualifications can be gained, while weaknesses can be hammered out and strengths developed. 

Career coaches can identify your biggest weaknesses that need to be worked on. They’ll advise on relevant qualifications you should seek to earn and suitable work experience that will bolster your chances of career advancement. 

3. Drafting a Development Path

Once your career goals have been determined and one of our coaches has carried out a competency audit, they’ll be able to help you prepare a career development path. Even at this stage, exciting new opportunities can become apparent. In some cases, you may be able to make the switch with little additional support.

However, sometimes you’ll need more support to achieve your ambitions. H-Training offers a wealth of specialised training programs to give you a competitive edge. We can help you perfect a winning CV or develop effective interview skills. If you’re looking to target C-suite roles, H-Training also offers executive coaching.  

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Career Coach Dublin

Career coaching is a collaborative process. For it to be successful, the client needs to work closely with a coach. To get the most from our career coach in Dublin, you’ll need to:  

1. Leave Your Misconceptions at the Door

An open mind is the best foundation for career development. If you’re eager to learn and accept new strategies, you’ll reap the benefits of career coaching. It’s fine to cling firm to certain roles and industries, but you should be open to new insights and development strategies.

2. Be Prepared to Put Things into Practice

Learning new skills and strategies is all well and good, but you won’t benefit from them if you don’t put them into practice. If you want to see actual results, you’ll need to be ready to implement the strategies learned from a career coach. Although a coach is there to support you every step of the way, you’ll need to show initiative here.

3. Don't Expect Instant Results

The job market is highly competitive. As such, don’t expect to land an interview for a dream position overnight. Learning the right skills and working on core strengths takes time. Furthermore, there might be a shortage of suitable roles available at a particular time. If you’re struggling to find the right vacancies, be patient. 

H-Training makes it easy to find the best career coach in Dublin or further afield. Still not sold on the benefits of career coaching? Below are just are few of the ways it can help you: 

A Career Coach in Dublin Can Help Take Stock of Your Situation

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? That’s not unusual. Although unemployment levels in Ireland are low, many people in part-time and full-time work feel as though their jobs aren’t right for them. If your career is stagnating, there’s no need to stay where you are and grin and bear it.  
We can help you determine whether you’re in a position that’s suitable for you. Perhaps advancement prospects don’t align with your career goals. You may be overqualified for your current position, with sought-after skills going to waste. Many of us struggle to make life-changing decisions like switching careers. Career coaching can give you that extra push to leap into a career that’s better suited to your potential.  

Your Current Work-Life Balance isn't Working

Burnout isn’t something to be taken lightly. Ireland fares worse than many other European countries when it comes to burnout statistics. It’s thought as many as 30% of employees report being consistently burnt out.  
If you’re suffering from burnout, you’ll never achieve a desirable work-life balance. The consequences of burnout include anger, irritability and stress. Worse still, sufferers can also experience insomnia, fatigue and depression. When you work with a career coach online, you’ll be able to get a better handle on what constitutes a healthy work-life balance.  

You're Looking to Learn and Advance

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a job with no hope of progression. However, you may not have explored all the advancement opportunities available. Many companies offer internal development schemes and learning pathways. Career coaching can help you unlock the potential of these pathways, helping you on your way to your next promotion.  
Sometimes, a more substantial change is needed. If you have lofty career plans, you may need to think about returning to education or accessing support to obtain new skills and qualifications. A career coach can point you in the right direction.  

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