Career Coaching Cork

Career Coaching Cork

At H-Training we have professional career coaches in Cork. We understand that while technical skills are important, so too are interpersonal skills and the right attitude in achieving career success.

While many people climb the ladder in their careers, they often experience a nagging dissatisfaction. We have supported many clients to identify why they are feeling this way. Often, we find it is not as impossible as people think to make impactful changes in their careers. We work with people around their educational level, and career experience and target them to build narratives that gain the attention of the right decision-makers.

Furthermore, we review what tweaks can be made to your role to put you in a better place and on track to a more fulfilling working experience. Our career coaches in Cork cater to all levels of experience and we are very excited to be a part of your career journey.

H-Trainings career coaches will work with you to ensure that your career path is heading in the right direction. We have worked with satisfied clients from an impressively diverse set of professions to facilitate their career success. This includes employees in the public and private sectors, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs. Our exemplary success rate in career coaching is a testament to the passion, dedication and expertise that we make available to all our clients.

Career coaching is a broad discipline whose specific definition differs between practitioners. At H-Training, we consider our career coaching to be a collaborative process with our clients that help facilitate their career development goals. This includes technical aspects such as drafting a winning resume, interview coaching and coaching on the experience and expertise that one needs to meet their career goals.

Our career coaches help develop personal skills, formulate career development strategies, and work on emotional and behavioural aspects which can boost one’s career prospects. Since there is no single ‘right’ path to career development, the program is customised to meet every client’s unique needs and ambitions.

Although our main office is based in Cork, we do the majority of our work on video calls. This allows us to focus on all towns and cities throughout Ireland.

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To compete with the rest you must learn from the best.

While each client’s career plan is personalised to their particular set of circumstances, there are three main steps that are involved:

1. Understanding your career goals and preferences

Career satisfaction is a very subjective and personal concept. We all have different definitions of success. For some, career satisfaction is mostly linked to improving their financial position. For others, it could be finding a healthy work-life balance and for many more, career satisfaction is determined by working in industries that they have a passion for.

The first step we take with every one of our career coaching clients is to understand the metrics that they use to measure professional success. It is also important to understand their personality and values in order to create a career growth plan that leads to employment opportunities which they are compatible with.

2. Your strengths, weaknesses, qualifications and experience

One’s career goals need to be suited to their strengths and weaknesses. This assessment helps to determine a client’s achievable career development options. Luckily, a person’s strengths, weaknesses, qualifications and experience levels are not set in stone. A key function for our Cork-based career coaches is identifying weaknesses and gaps in qualifications and work experience that a person can work on to achieve their goals. We carry out an extensive Career Strategy Audit in our career coaching program.

3. Creating the ideal career development path

Having understood one’s specific goals and preferences, and having carried out a competency audit regarding strengths/weaknesses, qualifications and experience, your coach will be better placed to advise you on your ideal career development path. At this stage, opportunities that you are suitable for can be identified, and you will be advised on how best to go about taking advantage of them.

You will be able to take advantage of the specialised training programs offered by H-Training such as how to draft a winning resume as well as interview coachingincluding dealing with the popular competency based interviews. If you are looking into rising further up the corporate ladder into leadership positions, you have the option to enrol in H-Training’s executive coaching.

Basically, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that you need to meet your career goals.

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Career Coaching Cork

Our program in Cork is a collaborative process between the career coach and the client. It requires high levels of commitment and involvement from both parties. Ultimately, the coach’s role involves facilitation and partnering with you on the identified direction you want to go in. The implementation phase will be wholly dependent on the client. When signing up for career coaching, a responsible client needs to:

1. Come with an open mind

Willingness to learn and implement new strategies is important to ensure that career coaching is successful. While it does help to have an idea of one’s preferred career path, new insights will always reveal themselves during the process. A client who is willing to learn and adopt new approaches to their career development will be more likely to benefit from career coaching.

2. Willingness to implement identified strategies

Knowledge and new skills will be of no benefit if they won’t implemented. As a client, you need to be ready to implement the strategies formulated during the career coaching process. Think of our career coaching services as a map, to reach your destination, you must take initiative by embarking on the journey. Your coach will support you with this and facilitate you further in the right direction.

3. A long-term view

Even at the best of times, the job market will always be competitive. One should not expect to land their dream job a few days after the initial coaching session. It can take time to master the skills learned in our career coaching program. Additionally, suitable opportunities might not be readily available during, or immediately after the coaching. Many ambitious people share the same characteristic, impatience. It is important your desire for results doesn’t become a liability in itself.

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