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Career Coaching Cork

With H-Training and career coaching Cork, we understand that you not only need professional technical knowledge, but also interpersonal skills, and the right attitude to achieve success in your line of work. The primary goal for most, if not all, adults is to achieve their career goals. Unfortunately, achieving success and satisfaction in one's career can be frustrating. Career coaching helps equip you with the knowledge and skills that you require to help you achieve your career goals.

The H-Training career coaching Cork program connects you with experienced experts that will work with you to ensure that your career path is heading in the right direction. We have worked with satisfied clients from an impressively diverse set of professions to facilitate their career success. This includes employees in the public and private sectors, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs. Our exemplary success rate in career coaching is testament to the passion, dedication and expertise that we make available to all our clients.

Career coaching services explained

Career coaching is a broad discipline whose specific definition differs between practitioners. At H-Training, we consider our career coaching to be a collaborative process with our clients that helps facilitate their career development goals. This includes technical aspects such as drafting a winning resume, interview coaching and coaching on the experience and expertise that one needs to meet their career goals.

Our career coaching Cork services also include developing more personal skills, formulating career development strategies, and working on emotional and behavioural aspects which can boost one's career prospects. Since there is no single 'right' path to career development, the program is customised to meet every client's unique needs and ambitions.

What is involved in H-Training's career coaching program?

While each client's career plan is personalised to their particular set of circumstances, there are three main steps that are involved:

i. Understanding your career goals and preferences

Career satisfaction is a very subjective and personal concept. We all have different definitions of success. For some, career satisfaction is mostly linked to improving their financial position. For others, it could be finding a healthy work-life balance and for many more, career satisfaction is determined by working in industries that they have a passion for.

The first step we take with every one of our Cork City career coaching clients is to understand the metrics that they use to measure professional success. It is also important to understand their personality and values in order to create a career growth plan that leads to employment opportunities which they are compatible with.

ii. Your strengths, weaknesses, qualifications and experience

One's career goals need to be suited to their strengths and weaknesses. This assessment helps to determine a client's achievable career development options. Luckily, a person's strengths, weaknesses, qualifications and experience levels are not set in stone. A key function of career coaching is identifying weaknesses and gaps in qualifications and work experience that a person can work on in order to achieve their goals. We carry out an extensive Career Strategy Audit in our career coaching program.

iii. Creating the ideal career development path

Having understood one's specific goals and preferences, and having carried out a competency audit regarding strengths/weaknesses, qualifications and experience, your coach will be better placed to advise you on your ideal career development path. At this stage, opportunities that you are suitable for can be identified, and you will be advised on how best to go about taking advantage of them.

You will be able to take advantage of the specialised training programs offered by H-Training such as how to draft a winning resume as well as interview coaching, including dealing with the popular competency based interviews. If you are looking into rising further up the corporate ladder into leadership positions, you have the option to enrol in H-Training's executive coaching.

Basically, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that you need to meet your career goals.

Preparing yourself for Career Coaching

Our career coaching program is a collaborative process between the coach and the client. It requires high levels of commitment and involvement from both parties. Ultimately, the coach's role involves facilitation and partnering with you on the identified direction you want to go in. The implementation phase will be wholly dependent on the client. When signing up for career coaching, a responsible client needs to:

i. Come with an open mind

Willingness to learn and implement new strategies is important to ensure that career coaching is successful. While it does help to have an idea of one's preferred career path, new insights will always reveal themselves during the career coaching process. A client who is willing to learn and adopt new approaches to their career development will be more likely to benefit more from career coaching.

ii. Willingness to implement identified strategies

Knowledge and new skills will be of no benefit if they won't be implemented. As a client, you need to be ready to implement the strategies formulated during the career coaching process. Think of our career coaching services as a map, to reach your destination, you must take initiative by embarking on the journey. Your coach will support you with this and facilitate you further in the right direction.

iii. A long-term view

Even at the best of times, the job market will always be competitive. One should not expect to land their dream job a few days after the initial coaching session. It can take time to master the skills learned in the our career coaching program. Additionally, suitable opportunities might not be readily available during, or immediately after the coaching. Many ambitious people share the same characteristic, impatience. It is important your desire for results doesn’t become a liability in itself. 


Simple, and Effective


  • Comprehensive Career Audit
  • Career Objectives
  • Career Guidance Strategy
  • 4 Hours Total


Move to the next Level and implement your Career Strategy


  • Comprehensive Career Audit with full report 
  • LinkedIn Audit
  • CV Design 
  • Employer and Network Targeting Strategy
  • Additional 2 hours Career Guidance & Coaching
  • 6 Hours Total


For Candidates with a range of experience, either seeking to utilise this better or developing it more.


  • DiSC Personality Profiling  
  • Comprehensive Career Audit with Report   
  • Strategic CV Redesign 
  • Advanced Career Options with referral 
  • Employer and Network Targeting Strategy
  • Additional 3 hours Career Coaching
  • 8 Hours Total

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When should I sign up for career coaching?

Career coaching can be useful to you at any point in your career, whether you are just getting into the job market or if you want to make some changes, career-wise. There is a more immediate need for career coaching when you feel that your career development prospects have somewhat stagnated.

This includes situations where you are unhappy with your current job. You might not feel passionate about your role, or the industry within which you are working. Career coaching is also valuable when you are facing difficulties advancing further up the corporate ladder. It helps to think of career coaching as an ongoing process. Even if things are good, you can always improve your situation by constantly learning and updating your career goals.

2. How will career coaching benefit me?

One of the most important benefits of career coaching is having an objective and expert viewpoint of your career development. Individually, you might be too involved in your job to be able to have a truly objective 'outside perspective' or your prospects and the opportunities available to you. Career coaching services have the experience and knowledge that you can leverage to further your professional advancement.

It is also important, especially when you are looking to make a big change career-wise, to have someone who can guide you through a potentially stressful time period. Finding another job is a process that involves a lot of rejection and frustration. A coach will help you handle the stress and anxieties when navigating a difficult job market and prepare you to be able to land your dream job. Coaching also enables you to have realistic and achievable career goals.

3. Do I have to attend face-to-face coaching sessions?

No, you don't. While it can help to have that personal interaction with your career coach, you can conduct the coaching sessions via video conferencing (Skype or Google Hangouts). Inflexible personal schedules and geographical constraints should not be an issue when getting career coaching. We coach clients from Cork - Limerick - Galway - Dublin - Belfast. The process can be applied to most individuals in any industry. 

4. How many sessions do I need to attend?

Career coaching is tailored to meet each client's specific needs. This means that the number of sessions will be determined by the nature of your ideal career path. On average, you should expect between 4 – 5 two hour sessions. Upon your initial session, your coach will be better placed to determine the specific duration that your coaching will entail. We offer a range of packages in this regard that can be tailored to your specific situation

5. How much does career coaching cost?

Pricing is carried out on packages. Our standard package is €400 and includes a full CV redevelopment, Job search implementation plan and 4 hours of coaching. Our premium package is €600 includes and additional LinkedIn audit, key decision maker identification and networking plan across six hours of coaching and finally our Executive Package is €800 includes an additional 2 hours of coaching, networking referral and continued support throughout the journey along with a full Everything DISC Personality profile. 

6. How do I know that I am working with a reliable career coach?

It is important to ensure that you are investing your time and resources on a qualified career coach who will be effective in terms of facilitating your career development goals. Some criteria that you can use to determine a coach's suitability include:

  • Academic qualifications: You want to work with someone who is well trained in Human Resource Management, Management Consulting, Psychology or relevant coaching and mentorship qualifications. Most reliable career coaching practitioners will proudly advertise their qualifications.
  • Proven track record: While experience is not an absolute necessity, it does help to work with a coach who has glowing testimonials from satisfied clients who benefited from their guidance to achieve their career goals. At the very least, watch out for too many negative reviews if you want to have a pleasant career coaching experience.
  • Enthusiasm and Passion: A big part of a career coach's job is motivating their clients to work through their fears, self-esteem problems and low motivation as they work towards achieving career satisfaction. This means that an effective coach needs to have a lot of enthusiasm and passion for their job to properly motivate their clients.
  • Professionalism: You want to work with someone you can rely on when receiving career coaching. While professionalism can be hard to ascertain initially, make sure that you are working with someone who respects agreed upon session schedules and who presents themselves in a professional manner.
  • Local market knowledge: Each job market is unique in terms of the strategies that can be used to achieve success. Career coaching services that understand the market you are operating in will be much better placed to provide effective advice. It, therefore, helps to work with a career coach that has worked extensively within the country or region where you are based as they can use their local experience to come up with achievable career progression strategies. If you are an Irish based professional, you should expect a better success rate by enrolling for career coaching Cork.

Invest in yourself today..

Every working person should consider career coaching at some point in their professional lives. It is a valuable service that will provide you with expert insights on your current career progression path, and the changes that you can make to achieve your lifelong career goals. This is why our career coaching Cork program is an important investment. 

Contact us today to get your career on the right path.

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