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Career Coaching is a tailored service designed to help you decide your best career direction. We adopt a holistic approach to each individual’s goals. Career choices can differ based on peoples values, their stages in life and often most pressingly their financial obligations. Who you are as a person, does not always need to be divorced from the decisions you make around your career. However, many people make these decisions in a vacuum and neglect any sense of purpose and or fulfilment from the decisions they make around their career choices, which is often understandable. Financial realities are a very real part of life and need to be acknowledged. Some mitigating decisions can be made around restructuring lifestyles of indeed financial commitments, but this is not always viable in our experience. However, that does not mean we need to completely neglect who you are. Pressure often makes people hurry their decisions or refuse to think beyond certain parameters or dismiss any hopeful or inspired thinking as childish or impractical.

H-Coaching’s aim is to support people to find the balance within these difficult decisions. Long-term stress and the pressure to deliver in unhelpful or toxic environments can impact people in a host of negative ways. And again, while some of us have limited recourse when it comes to change, there are opportunities to enhance strategies to manage these pressures better and with more support. But there are often commercially viable options for going after what matters to you most. This can take the form of purpose, a better work/life balance or indeed working for people who share your values and will treat you with respect.

Straight-Line thinking

One phenomenon we see regularly is candidates who view their career progression in very straight lines based on everything they have seen within a given career or an organisations working culture. It goes something like this, I am a Sales Development Representative (SDR), I need to be good enough to become a Team Leader, then I can think about middle management and from there try and become a Senior Manager/ Director and then maybe someday VP.

Some people will think this is achievable, others will think it’s not. While such ambition is admirable, there can often be similar routes or pivots into different industries or departments that can fast track development and or provide people with more of a sense of fulfilment or satisfaction. In smaller organisations for example some people get exposed to higher level decision making that they can utilise to further their careers in larger industries long-term.

Transferable skills are also regularly neglected. Many sales representatives are highly capable negotiators and often possess high levels of empathy which transfer well into a host of similar professions and perhaps most significantly, management. Furthermore, we have worked with a broad range of Sales People who themselves became founders. In this vein, we have also seen people from care-giving back grounds bring a strong sense of integrity to bear on any role they do, but also be very adept at having difficult conversations where required.


The Irish, generally speaking have a tentative relationship with risk. This may have a historical legacy as a few generations ago people starved in this country during the famine. But much more recently the Great Recession of 2009-2012 has coloured a lot of peoples thinking. Many of us still live with the consequences of that time and we have seen an array of business leaders factor this time into their strategic thinking and mitigate any riskier activities. All of this is again perfectly understandable.

However, we also need to look at risk in proportion. Many candidates have shared with us the idea that if they leave their current role for another one and that doesn’t work out they are in a word: ‘f%$ked’. We find absolutes like this curious. People with a low risk tolerance will often make provision for rainy days, but still be more anxious than the next person. Getting a clear line of sight on how much of a risk your decisions actually are is important. However, catastrophic thinking is also a very real phenomenon.

A Software Developer once commented on his fears for the long-term financial viability of the organisation he worked for and how it was impacting his work and sleep and making him worry about his family’s safety. When we pointed out the demand for developers at the time and showed them the amount of open roles available, it flew very much in the face of the larger calamity he considered. This is not to say redundancy would not be frightening and very inconvenient, again considering those financial realities. But many people find themselves much more motivated to take action in situations like this. Understanding your relationship with Risk is important, but also being gentle in challenging where you are being catastrophic as opposed to practical. We all see things through different lenses, which is fine, however the key question is: is this thinking holding you back from what you really want?

Our Process

At H-Training, our career coaching process is a collaboration. A career coach will work with you to identify your preferences and long-term career development goals. You will be asked to rank 8 key areas of your life from 1-10. These include: Work, Finance, Relationships, Social Life, Health, Fun, Well-Being and Downtime.

From here we learn about you more, your career to date, where you thrived, what you detested. What were the challenges that helped you grow? We will ask you about how much money you need or would like to make. There is an odd phenomenon again in Ireland where people shy away or feel guilty citing money as a key motivator. At H-Coaching we champion ambition in all of its guises. The important question here is why? Why do you want more money, how will it benefit and contribute towards your life goals? If these are aligned to your best interests, then we are all in. If they are not, we will help you to explore this, make some suggestions, but the decision is ultimately yours. It is also important to note here too that sacrifice is often a key aspect in realising success.

Once we have created a picture of what you have done, we will begin exploring why you have come to us. Often times people are unsure. There can be something nagging them. A lack of fulfilment or a longing to do or realise more. One client shared, I feel I’m better than this. Our question if often, in what way? It can regularly be a friend or colleague who has realised more and this annoying sense that they could do the same if not better. Inspiration wears many guises and an internal compass is a keen indicator of your experience. What are the things you need to clarify or even own. Have you contributed to holding yourself back. Was there any experience and or message that you internalised and needed time to process. Have you spent enough time doing this and is now the time to make your next move? All of these questions are very exciting (and occasionally a little uncomfortable) and our main objective is your full realisation of who you are. The vast majority of us will realise self-actualisation, the full realisation of your ability, through economic activity.

Once we have established the above we will define a series of suitable roles for you and support you with CV and or LinkedIn development along with a networking strategy to reach out and speak to decision makers and apply for roles that help support you in where you want to go.

Final Note

A H-Coaching we understand the frustration inherent in unfulfilling work. Our Managing Director experienced it directly in his own career. This fact inspires him daily to find enormous purpose in sharing a passion for what our clients are capable of. We are evidence that change is inevitable and are rewarded for this by regularly sharing in our clients joy at the culmination of their journeys.

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