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If you’re looking to advance professionally, it’s time to connect with a career coach at H-Training. Sometimes, technical skills and the right certifications aren’t enough to secure your dream job. Interpersonal skills and long-term development strategies are just as important. However, many people don’t know where to start as far as these are concerned.  
At H-Training, our career coaches will tailor career advice and a development plan that’s exclusive to you. We’ll consider your qualifications, career experience and ambitions to help you put your best foot forward. We’re industry leaders in career coaching, with experience working with multinationals including Google and Twitter. For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping clients throughout Ireland and the UK take their careers to the next level. Meanwhile, our online coaching services have supported job-seekers across the globe in their journeys.

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What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a rather broad term. As such, processes can vary between practitioners. At H-Training, our career coaching process focuses on collaboration. A career coach will work closely alongside you to identify your preferences and long-term career development goals.  
A typical career coach provides guidance on a variety of things that can help you unlock your potential and pursue rewarding opportunities. This can include drafting a first-class CV or mastering the finer points of the interview process through interview coaching.  
Career coaching also focuses on developing personal skills. These vary between individuals, which is why a coach will formulate development strategies that are specific to you.  
H-Training has extensive experience providing career coaches in Cork and across Ireland. However, our innovative online approach to career coaching has helped clients across the globe take the next steps in their employment journey.

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Ciaran Hourican

Is Managing Director at H-Training ans a professional workplace Coach and Mentor with a passionate interest in developing others and a track record for excellence both across the private and public sectors. He is people-focused while facilitating clients to accept more responsibility for the challenges they face and supporting them to do more.

Interview Coaching Dublin

Margaret Collins

Margaret Collins is a Human Resources Professional and Leadership facilitator with over twenty years’ experience. She is a registered Emotional Intelligence Coach and is passionate about helping others unlock their leadership potential. She has managed diverse teams and developed people to excel in their work roles and holds a first-class Masters in HRM