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Prepare for your New Career in a New World with H-Training's Career Strategy Audit

Career Guidance in Cork and around the country is an increasingly in demand service. The opportunities seemed myriad some short months ago, but the competition has now increased and the opportunities altered significantly in the wake of the Covid 19 Crisis. H-Training's Career Strategy Audit is designed to support you in making better decisions about your options while developing a strategy around the next stages of your career.People often think of their careers as a straight line and become quite frustrated. Some elements of mainstream education and the bricks-and-mortar business models they feed, are invested in you continuing to think this way.

Furthermore, Career Guidance has received some bad copy from many people, remembering it only for the negative things an uninspired school teacher told them about their dreams when they were teenagers.

The late Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players ever, recalled once how a guidance counselor told him that his dreams of becoming a professional athlete were 'not very realistic.'

Michelle Obama ​writes in her brilliant biography, ​Becoming, about another guidance counselor informing her that she 'wasn't Princeton material​'.

​However, at H-Training we have been bridging the gap between education and the workplace, in the workplace for over thirty-years. Having spoken with thousands of employers about what they really want from staff versus what they get, we have a unique insight into how people can develop their careers that bit quicker, and use their experiences to standout.

​​"Again and again, we find high quality candidates who are failing to spread the word about themselves."

​​Career Guidance is not something new ​for H-Training. We have been preparing world-class candidates for careers and nudging them in different directions through Interview Coaching for years. In addition to this we regularly advise people on CV's and liaise with our partners on recruitment. ​The Career Strategy Audit combines these services into one offering. ​

​At H-Training, despite the challenges, we are excited about how​ developments in the modern workplace can support us to embrace the new world that awaits post Covid-19.

From the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) and the recent watershed moment for remote working to the expansion of the gig economy (now relocated to Zoom almost in its entirety) and ​onto augmented reality, AI and Blockchain we are keenly aware of the many niche and exciting opportunities currently available. The question everyone is asking now is what comes next and the answer will be a lucrative one.

We have supported thousands of people to change direction in their careers, but also challenged many of them to be different and achieve more as part of our interview coaching and development work. Our Career Strategy Audit is a professional and tailored approach to Career Guidance. This service is a standalone offering that allows us to focus primarily on the direction of your career.

EY, one of the big four auditing firms in the world, announced in 2017 that they were disposing of the degree requirements for their new recruits. They stated very plainly that their research "found no evidence to conclude that previous success in higher education correlated with future success in subsequent professional qualifications undertaken.” This was a bold move by a powerful player and many other blue chip companies have since followed suit. But what this also reflects is a growing shift towards the ‘who’ of recruitment, away from the 'what' in terms of 'what qualifications do you have?'

At H-Training, we have broad knowledge of a range of industries from corporate including big tech, pharma and finance along with all sections of the public sector and civil service. We have advised a range of our corporate clients on their recruitment strategies and the establishment of robust interview framework and strategies for hiring, developing and retaining elite professionals. These services were often designed  to mine candidates for specific indicators of success the companies had identified. Again and again, we find high quality candidates who are failing to spread the word about themselves. Whether this is due to a lack of confidence or a poor ability to network or think about their careers more strategically, many people come to us feeling as though they are punching below their weight.

Our ​career guidance in Cork, Dublin ​& nationwide along with our strategy audit service is the culmination of over 30-years spent challenging professionals to be better and in turn listening to the struggles they face, in firstly recruiting quality new staff and secondly retaining them. But more importantly it seeks to identify, in-depth,

  1. The areas that you love about what you do
  2. ​The opportunities available for you to develop.
  3. The relevant decision-makers you need to get in front of to realise these goals
By ​​signing up for one of our offerings below, you are investing in your future. What were the bad experiences that inform your decision-making today? How are you contributing to holding yourself back? What are the next actions required to assume more responsibility for your situation and how do we mitigate your struggle. With our professional and bespoke approach to Career Guidance you can make a more informed decision about your future and identify the best route to ​achieve your goals.

This begins with a Career audit. We look at your CV and how it can be enhanced, a full audit of your LinkedIn Profile​ and then support throughout this process, every step of the way. Who are the decision-makers you need to reach out to on LinkedIn? What are the best ways to do that? How should you word these interactions? And what is your pitch about yourself.

​Don't confront the uncertainty of the coming months alone, let ​our team show you the way.

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Standard Package 

Get the basics right and make a Professional Start


  • Comprehensive Career Audit
  • Career Objectives Outline
  • Career Guidance Strategy Report
  • CV Design (​usual price €80)
  • 4 Hours Total (usual price €300)
Executive Package 

Make goals a reality and ​execute the plan. Get a ​better understanding of you ​​with  a personality profile and a direct referral through our network


  • DiSC Personality Profiling (usually €180)
  • Comprehensive Career Audit with Report     
  • Strategic CV Redesign (usually €120)
  • Advanced Career Options with referral  
  • Employer and Network Targeting Strategy
  • Additional 3 hours Career Coaching
  • 8 Hours Total (usually €600)

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