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Blake Mouton and the Complexities of Good Leadership

​The Blake and Mouton Managerial grid is an excellent guideline for understanding leadership and at H-Training we use it with many of our clients. It’s simple design tells us a lot about leadership

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The ‘Great Man’ Leadership Lie

A lot of the early leadership theories were concerned with something called the Great man and trait theory. This is a very old school idea about great leaders being born. In a sense, it evokes a lot of

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Theory versus Application: Supervisory Management Programmes

Many people pine for simpler times. Days when we were less anxious and perhaps not as attached to smartphones. When millennials were still children and Donald Trump wasn’t president. However, there was

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Becoming a First-Line Manager

Most people are promoted to a management role based on their performance in either a technical or frontline position. And while performance in the first role can obviously be an indicator of success, the

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Maximise Return on Your Investment

Many organisations avail of management, learning and development intervention on an ad-hoc basis. Based on a specific need that arises or challenges being experienced by the organisation. However, for

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Last Chance U, A Netflix Masterclass in Good and Bad Leadership

Season 2 of Netflix original documentary Last Chance U was recently ‘aired?’ ‘streamed?’ ‘uploaded?’ (however we do it now) and if you haven’t watched it, be sure and put it on your list.The

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