CV Design And Development

CV preparation at H-TRAINING is comprehensive, targeted and cost effective. We prepare CVs by appointment in order to ensure that the message of who you are, and why a given organization should hire you, gets across as effectively as possible. We will discuss your career plans with you in order to best tailor your CV and ensure its suitability in achieving these career objectives.

H-TRAINING’s mentors are specialists in corporate and Civil Service interview preparation for both new roles and promotion. The cost of CV preparation is €80 and this is usually completed in one hour. A two hour session to include interview preparation can be availed of for €150.

Specialist services for the Private Sector include:

  1. Designing and developing your CV.
  2. Understanding the competencies and relating them to your experience.
  3. Assisting in the completion of competency application forms
  4. Understanding the requirements of the role for which you are applying.
  5. Presenting effectively at Interview

Specialist preparation services for the Civil & Public Sector structured interviews include:

1. Assistance with the completion of the competency based application form.2. Understanding the competencies and relating them to your experience.3. Presenting effectively at Interview and answering difficult questions.4. Video recorded practice Interview.

To reserve an appointment complete the contact submission form or call 0872553080 (preferred) / 021 4885203 or email or