Corporate Services

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Corporate Services

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Interview Board Training

It is important to understand how to select the right talent. Getting this wrong can have a very expensive impact of you team. Recruitment and selection is often a shared process whereby candidates are interviewed by HR Partners, Managers and Supervisors. We find that people can often have muddled criteria or different out looks on what really matters. This training can help you develop and competency based framework to suit the needs of your organisation and furthermore equip your team with the skills to navigate the many pitfalls of interview, which has increasingly become a minefield both from a labour relations and equality in the workplace perspective…

Corporate Interview Group Training

As an organisation that wants the best people in the roles you hire for, it is important to give people an understanding of how best to present themselves. H-Training has conducted this work across both the public and private sectors and we find that there is a generalised confusion amongst staff members when it comes to competency based approaches to interviewing. How do they provide you with the information you require? What is the best way to structure a competency based interview answer. How do they manage nerves and communicate effectively in an interview. H-Training can support them to answer this and furthermore, deliver training that makes selection easier and …

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