Interview Coaching

Know Your Edge

Lesson 1

Before you begin practicing, or clarifying the message you want to deliver, we must first ​discover what your ‘edge’ over the other candidates will be.

By 'edge' we mean the unique aspect of what you offer that will distance you from the ​competition.

​This is what it all boils down to. The interview board are tasked with finding the best candidate. Their framework establishes the key areas of focus and then asks you to demonstrate your abilities under each ​one. If you do this with impact and in a way that they are unlikely to see from anyone else, then they will remember you.

​We then begin the hunt by asking the following: What are you better at than the competition? Why should you get the job? 

W​hen we ask our clients these two simple question at H-Training ​they are regularly stumped. Or they begin reciting some wordy politician's answers that means nothing. In one sense, the message encapsulating your 'edge' will form the basis of your strategy. ​Once we can answer this question we then begin to build around it. But your edge is the foundation or starting point.

Along these lines there has been an enormous shift in Ireland, across both public and private sectors' towards a competency based framework for interviews. This came into practice ​in the mid nineties, but is now regarded as standard.

Competencies are a collection of core behaviours desired from the employer. They are chosen based on the requirements of a given role. Candidates more in line with those attributes are better ​positioned to perform in the roles they are interviewing for. Part of an interview coaches role is to recognise excellence. The Irish culture is not one naturally predisposed towards displays of confidence. Many of us have been slagged into humility from a very young age. However, in an interview it is you responsibility to showcase your ability. Granted we don't want to appear boastful, but there is a balance between being too reticent and arrogant that is relatively easy to strike.

​In one sense competencies are the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your abilities and ​distinguish yourself from the field.

Some basic examples of these competencies include but are by no means limited to the following:

​Problem Solving
​Decision Making
​ Strategic Planning

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