Now is the time to sign-up for H-Training’s ESB Apprenticeship Preparation Course as the 2022 ESB Apprenticeship Applications should be opening again in February or March 2022 for their programme beginning in September 2022. H-Training has been in operation since 1989 and in that time, we have helped guide thousands of clients into the career of their choice. If you are considering applying for an Electrical Apprenticeship (or any Apprenticeship) we can help you navigate the process. We do this in a number of different ways. First, we can help you prepare your application form. Then we can assist you with the aptitude tests. And finally, get you over the line by improving your interview skills. 

The popularity of apprenticeship programmes, particularly the ESB apprenticeship programme is on the increase.  In April 2021 the Government launched their Action Plan for Apprenticeship 2021-2025. This plan outlines their commitment to reach 10,000 new apprentice registrations per year by 2025. During the launch, Minister for Further Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris said: 

“People learn in different ways, and I want to make sure that everyone is aware apprenticeship can be there for them as a route to a qualification into the future.  This plan has the potential to transform this part of our third level system. Apprenticeship is good for the learner and the employer.” 

There are many reasons to choose an apprenticeship. It really helps when you have the ability to earn while you learn. But they also give you the opportunity to build work experience and skills in your chosen field.  An apprenticeship mixes learning in a college with work-based learning in a company. Apprenticeships last between two and four years.  In Ireland, there are 56 different types of apprenticeships, in 13 different industries. At H-Training we have long been advocates of more applied learning. There is nothing like doing the job to make you better at it. 

In 2021 ESB Apprentice Programme recruitment campaign received over 4,500 applications for approximately 70 places.  The level of interest was very high as this is a diverse and challenging career. Let us help you with our ESB Apprenticeship Preparation Course.


You must be 16 years or over to apply for an ESB Apprenticeship and educated to either Junior Cert or Leaving Cert level.   

Junior Cert – Ordinary Level C / Higher Level D or higher in the following: 

  1. English or Irish 
  1. Mathematics 
  1. Science (or one of the following: Technology/Art, Craft & Design/Technical Graphics/Metalwork/Materials Technology (Wood)/Home Economics) 
  1. Any other two subjects. 

Leaving Cert – O6/Ordinary Level D or higher in the following: 

  1. English or Irish 
  1. Mathematics 
  1. Any Science Subject (or one of the following: Technology/Art, Craft & Design/Technical Graphics/Metalwork/Materials Technology (Wood)/Home Economics) 
  1. Any other two subjects. 


The ESB run a 4-year paid Apprenticeship Programme which leads to a QQI advanced level 6 Electrical trade certificate. The basis of these programmes is that they combine practical experience with classroom learning, allowing you to put the knowledge and skills you develop into action. Apprentices benefit from varied work experience both indoors and outdoors.  They learn about technology, customer service and delivering results.  They learn a variety of electrical and practical skills.  This QQI Advanced Level Electrical Trade Certificate is recognised around the world.  

This programme will be completed in 7 SOLAS phases, on the job training during phases 1, 3, 5 and 7 where apprentices work closely with qualified Network Technicians constructing and maintaining the electricity network on varied sites across their assigned area of the country.  SOLAS phases 2, 4 and 6 are off the job modules, completed in a SOLAS Training Centre or IT College. Throughout the 4 years, there will also be 24 weeks of ESB Networks off the job training which will take place in the ESB Networks Training Centre in Portlaoise. 

The day-to-day work activities of an ESB Apprentice may include responding to faults and fault finding to maintain a supply of electricity.  Connecting new customers both residential and commercial.  Replacing and maintaining electrical assets and installing new elements to the electricity network like overhead wires or underground cables. 

While the job may be challenging, the apprentice is always part of a team who will be there to assist and support throughout the programme.   

All information on the ESB Apprenticeship programme is available on their website this will give you specific information about their recruitment campaigns. 

To learn more about the ESB Apprenticeship Programme check out the ESB Apprentice brochure 2020 and see what other apprentices had to say  


At H-Training we will assist you in preparing you for the ESB Apprentice Programme Application Process.  Our ESB Apprenticeship Preparation Course will include the following: 

ESB Apprenticeship Application Form 

In an application form, we are combing biographical information with demonstrations of your behaviours and depicting examples of where you performed well in specific scenarios. The biographical information is standard and will echo your CV. 

For the ESB Apprenticeship Programme, you will have one hour to complete the application form, if you are inactive for more than five minutes, the form will timeout and you will lose any information you have input.  All fields must be completed before the application will be accepted.  The form must be completed in one sitting. 

You will need to have the following information to hand when completing your application form: 

  1. Your email address 
  1. Full details of your post primary exam results 
  1. Details of any further education or training you have completed 
  1. Details of your work experience 
  1. 300-500 words on why you are suitable for an Apprenticeship in ESB Networks 

A key part of this application form will be your answer as to why you are suitable for an Apprenticeship with ESB. This will form part of the basis on which candidates are shortlisted, you need to ensure you give it time and consideration before you begin your application.  It will also give the interview panel an idea of who they will be interviewing, it will be the first impression they get of you.  

We will guide you through the application process to ensure that you are giving yourself the best opportunity for success.   

ESB Apprenticeship Aptitude Test 

Interview Coaching is one of H-Training’s key services.  We are uniquely placed to offer specialist expertise to those applying for an Apprenticeship. Our unique blend of experience allows us to provide a nuanced approach to the role. Through Interview Coaching, we will guide you on how to best demonstrate the behaviours and competencies tailored to the apprenticeship for which you are applying. 

H-Training has supported thousands of candidates at all levels of employment to advance their careers. We have a tried and tested method to Interview Coaching that is personable, applicable and supportive. Many people struggle with interviews, so you are not unique in seeking guidance. It can be a daunting experience to present yourself to a panel of people and take the chance on something you really want. Having developed behavioural competencies and consulted in the recruitment function across a range of disciplines for over thirty years, H-Training is well-positioned to steer you in the right direction. We divide the interview process into four categories:  

  1. The application form (which we also provide support with). 
  1. Understanding the message you are delivering 
  1. Preparation for delivering your message verbally; (this is where Interview coaching comes in).  
  1. Execution (this is the interview itself and includes managing nerves, preparing yourself mentally and visualising a success experience). 

Through coaching with H-Training you will learn ESB Apprenticeship interview tips and will fully explore possible interview questions that you may face.  Our coaching will help you to be clear on what you are offering, what is your pitch?  Why should they choose you? H-Training helps you to understand what it is about your skills, experience and knowledge that will help you stand out from the crowd.  We will show you how to use examples from school, work experience or extracurricular activities like sport to demonstrate your competencies.  You will be prepared to present your best self to the interview panel.  The areas that are covered include: 

  • General background information 
  • Basic technical questions to demonstrate your interest 
  • Your work experience
  • Customer Service 
  • Knowledge of ESB and ESB Networks and the role of an Apprentice 
  • Safety 
  • Initiative 
  • Teamwork  

If you have completed any construction / technical projects in school for your Junior or Leaving Cert you should bring along photos and you can use them as examples. 

Another advantage of working with H-Training is that we will coach you in skills that you can continue to use as you develop your career, these are skills you can utilise again and again. 

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