Garda Recruitment in 2022

Garda Recruitment in 2022

Garda Recruitment 2022 will see another 800 Gardaí recruited. An Garda Síochana are old friends of H-Trainings. We have assisted many senior and entry level clients to acquire roles over the years. It is a cohort we love working with. It is equally very rewarding to support good people do, what can sometimes be, very challenging work. It also fascinates us to see the type of people who become Gardaí. Many of them have an amazing ability to balance respectful professionalism with a very real toughness. And while there is no one size fits all approach, it is interesting to discuss what it takes to join the ranks of an Garda Síochana to do the job to a high level.  

Answering the call for Garda Recruitment in 2022 

A recent Irish Times article showed the gardaí in a very positive light and discussed the many challenges they have faced as a result of Covid 19. However, there are aspects of the job that appeal to people for a host of different reasons. Covid 19 has caused many people to re-examine their careers. H-Training has supported many of them who decided to shift gears into more meaningful work during this time. There was an enormous outpouring of support from the general public in the early days of COVID-19. Many people answered the call to support our frontline workers and sign up.

Meaningful work   

A broad range of people who were either able to work remotely or who were furloughed during Covid have expressed their frustration at not being able to help. This is a point we have heard over and over. There was a great sense of feeling all non-front-line work was irrelevant in the face of such a crisis. Many took action and changed careers to support during this time, while others have remained in their new careers, compelled by the importance of what they do. It is also important to mention here that we have witnessed no small amount of burnout across the HSE and frontline services. The debt that this country owes its frontline workers is an enormous one. And they are still there working perhaps as hard as they ever have. The Gardaí were very much at the coal face here too. The rise in domestic abuse cases and the ever-present checkpoints where they listened to the same half-wrought excuses’ day in and day out, often in the cold or rain. This was thankless but also very important work.

A Good Relationship 

Journalist Michael Clifford, not exactly a darling of an Garda Síochana, writes in his book A Force for Justice, the Maurice McCabe story, that many other nations envy Ireland’s relationship with its police force. This is often a point that many Irish people take for granted. Where there have been some failings, like many other departments, there have also been amazing results. A colleague told me recently that I had an overly positive view of An Garda Síochana. In reflecting on this I thought of the many brave men and women we have supported over the years to develop their careers with An Garda Síochana. During this work, I have witnessed a great mix of dynamism, intelligence, patience and poise. Perhaps this is skewed by the profile of those who seek out interview coaching. They are often an enterprising bunch. It could be argued that we often work with the best of the best, and while it is impossible to verify this, we have certainly been very impressed. 


I often express my gratitude to many of the men and women I work with. When I hear the competencies, these Guards describe and grow to understand the danger they can sometimes face, it never ceases to amaze me. Daily these people work with victims of harrowing crime. They take statements from abuse victims and many often support them at trial. They experience the underbelly of our communities that many of us prefer not to dwell on. And often they are there when people need them most. To relay bad news to good people or discover bodies and interview seasoned criminals. There is an amazing balance between the toughness it takes to deal with these situations and remaining human enough to be warm when dealing with the general public. I thank these Guards because they do what many of us simply could not. For H-Training, supporting good people either become guards or further their careers is nothing short of a privilege.  

Be a Garda Recruit in 2022 

Many people seek support for interviews with An Garda Síochana. At H-Training we are committed to one thing: your success. Let us help with your Garda Recruitment in 2022. We do this by delivering high-quality interview coaching to our clients. There is an important distinction between our programmes and cheap classroom-based courses that companies run on a volume basis. When you work with H-Training you will have an individual coach who will work to highlight your strengths and manage your weaknesses. This process is not about us, it’s about you. Over 32 years of supporting the next generation of Guards, we have assisted a very broad range of ranks, from Assistant Commissioners to Chief Superintendent, Superintendent, Inspector, Sergeant and Garda. We have also delivered leadership training to many of these ranks and supported Detectives, members of the Armed response unit and a host of other administrative Gardaí including civilian staff. This positions us well to understand not only the culture within the Guards but how the key decision-makers think and how you can impress them. 

Choice with Garda Recruitment in 2022 

There are many different roles for people within An Garda Síochana. Whether you are more interested in the day-to-day of the streets and enjoy the adrenaline of this work there is plenty of activity to keep you occupied. Or if you are more methodical and detail-oriented, perhaps you could pursue a career as a detective. The array of world-class training available to Gardaí is exceptional. There is everything from firearms training to advanced high-speed vehicle pursuit to crowd control and anything and everything in between. Many people enjoy the high energy nature of this and are often very physically capable and not afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact, many actually take pride in it. If one of these interests you and you have a genuine want for a career in the force, contact us today for interview preparation as Garda Recruitment in 2022 is only around the corner.

A Changing Force 

However, there have been some very real changes to the force over the years. There is very distinct professionalism apparent now that was not as evident when H-Training began working with the Guards in the late 1980s. The law is obviously a central aspect of this role and there is no shortage of study required to get to the required level. However, the educational focus and the methods available to Guards in Ireland are outstanding. The high functioning Gardaí often present us with a laundry list of course that most people associate with action movies. It is exciting stuff and yet another reason to be a part of Garda Recruitment 2022.

If you’re looking for interview coaching or even further career coaching, career guidance, emotional intelligence testing get in touch with Ciarán and the H-Training team today. If you’re located at the other side of the recruiting desk, H-Training also offers comprehensive interview panel training, corporate group interview training and effective sales training programs.

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