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How does Interview Coaching ensure results?

The Impact of Interview Coaching. Results are what matters most.

Much Research under-taken highlights the significant benefits of positive coaching. There continues to emerge and ever-increasing number of advocates to this practice given the evident returns. This is simply more evidence of what we have long understood at H-Training: interview coaching works. And the results are evidence of this.

If you invest in professional help, the returns will be very evident. It is just a matter of delivering your message as emphatically as possible. Many people go into interviews completely unprepared with only a vague idea of why they should be given the job. However, interview coaching works on a variety of levels to assist you with this. Not only can it establish this message you intend the board to hear, it furthermore helps you get your thinking straight around who you are and how to tell that story.

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Interview Coaching

The next level is all performance related. An extensive literature now exists around performance and it is very much on the agenda in terms of team sports and delivering results under pressure. This feeds directly into interviews as what we are looking at is, definitively a performance, whereby you are assessed on how well you do on a given date and time.

Understandably, this can lead to a variety of anxiety related issues. Although many candidates can have a predisposition towards anxiety, for others it is brought on by the idea of the interview. A host of scenarios play on the interviewee's mind such as speaking incoherently; being overcome by panic; under-performing due to the interview scenario and nothing more; breaking out in a sweat and obviously the big one of not being selected. However, again the research backs up how interview coaching can assist candidates who suffer from such fears.

Furthermore, our approach is a structured and supportive practice that will, by making you more prepared, help to minimise and in turn alleviate these anxieties. However, we are also aware of the value of a bit of nervousness. If a candidate is too cool and in control it can give off, not only a sense of arrogance and entitlement, but also a lack of hunger. If you are nervous, it means you care. This energy can be developed and even harnessed to help you perform better on the day. It is a very natural response to such a challenging environment. Although it is difficult to replicate an interview scenario, our mock interviews do help to recreate some of this nervous, which can be excellent preparation for the day itself.

However, the old adage around butterflies applies just as much to the 'big game' as the big interview. Just show up. Once you get the first few shots up or sentences out, you have arrived in the place you were most afraid of, which in itself is an achievement. As an organisation that has seen many shades of anxiety and worked with a wealth of clients to successfully overcome these issues, we are uniquely placed to assist you to succeed. The worst part about any anxious countdown is the build up, you can reassure yourself with that by saying (at 3am), this is as bad as it is going to get. Often times it is the waiting that is harder than the actual thing you are waiting for.

But with our interview coaching help you can begin by address that anxiety with experienced professionals, with a tried and tested reputation for getting people the jobs they dream of most.

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As a professional coach, mentor and facilitator Ciaran has a passionate interest in developing competencies at all workplace levels but particularly in first-line and mid-level managers. His well-developed skills in coaching and his unique approach gains the confidence of clients and supports them towards significant development.

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