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For teams, performance coaching has become a valuable support in enhancing delivery. In a nutshell, we explore your staff’s challenges and empower them to deliver more. This is a strictly confidential one-to-one service to provide individual team members with a safe space to explore performance enhancement. It also stacks on top of OKR implementation to ensure a progressive results-oriented approach.

This is a client centred model and something we are deeply passionate about. It is our experience that teams that feel supported deliver much more. This engagement also allows us to identify larger and more nuanced trends within a given organisation, which helps senior managers resolve issues without breaking coaching confidentiality principles.


Executive Coaching (Ciaran)

H-Suite’s Managing Director, Ciaran Hourican has been engaged with leadership teams across tech, manufacturing, pharma, retail and startups for nearly a decade. Tailored to respond to the specific needs of the organisation and the leader, it has supported the restructuring of strategy to drive organisational change and achieve strategic objectives.

H-Suites executive coaching programme is curated around transforming leadership and driving organisational success.

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Performance Coaching

Performance coaching across teams has proven to be a powerful resource in enhancing overall performance. Individual team members engage with H-Suite’s performance coaches to explore challenges in KPI delivery. Coaching centres around their individual strengths and limitations, mapping strategies to overcome barriers and steps to ensure they meet individual goals. These sessions are one-to-one and strictly confidential, creating a supportive environment for team members to open up about individual challenges and take ownership of enhancing their performance.


One-to-one Coaching

H-Suite’s coaching programmes have proven to be a decisive resource for individuals in various aspects of career development.

Whether it’s a session directed towards career coaching, curating that stand-out application form, preparing for performance at an interview, or crafting CV and LinkedIn content that targets a desired role; H-Suite provides a personalised service that works with individuals to identify opportunities for development, clarify strategic goals for long-term success and support the navigation of career transitions.

The team’s track record in collaborating with organisations across recruitment and training processes enables us to assist candidates in mapping out pathways, leveraging experience and communicating this effectively across a range of settings.

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