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Interview Coaching at H-Suite

H-Training provides expert assistance to individuals preparing for Competency-Based Interviews. With extensive experience across the Public and Private Sectors, we have developed a deep understanding of organisations and their hiring processes. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in meeting the required standard, backed by our thirty years of training successful candidates.


How We Help You

H-Training one-to-one coaching has proven to be a decisive resource for individuals seeking to develop their careers. Sessions can be focused on curating stand-out competency based application forms, preparing for performance at an interview, or crafting a career direction plan that targets a desired role and enhanced lifestyle.

Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching sessions focus on your experience, challenges and how best to communicate your competitive advantage. We regularly support candidates to place at the top of panels and secure roles. Given our engagement across hiring processes, and having trained a range of interview boards we are uniquely placed to offer specialist expertise to clients across the public sector & civil service along with multinationals and SME’s.

Application Form Development

The H-Training team provide support in effectively structuring candidates experience and skills to apply for roles. Sessions are conducted in partnership with clients, with the goal of curating applications to communicate their competitive advantage and identify their suitability for interview. The application form is the foundation of the interview, so a robust set of competencies will help you standout.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching sessions begin with identifying a clients strategic career and lifestyle goals. From here development opportunities that support and clarify what a fulfilling lifestyle looks like are further reviewed. Collaborating with organisations across recruitment and training enables us to assist candidates in mapping out pathways, leveraging their experience and communicating their value effectively. This work is also conducted in light of the financial realities of each client.

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