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Career Guidance for Adults

Carefully tailored to suit your needs using up-to-the-minute research into best practices for career evaluation and transition, our career guidance for adults is backed up by the experience of our in-house career coaches and career guidance counsellors.

Career Guidance for Adults

Are you considering a career move but find yourself unsure or undecided about your options for career guidance for adults? You’re not alone. The world is changing, and job markets are changing with them. And as this is happening, the idea of a linear career path is losing its definition. Rather than lead a life dominated by a single field, people are starting to see the merits of a more fluid, multidirectional career. And they’re willing to make a conscious leap to a life that leverages more of their expertise and experiences.

If all this sounds familiar to you, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re interested in a more flexible job, a healthier work-life balance, or an entirely different field of practice, the time to act is now. And the way to do it is to turn to H-Training for career guidance for adults in Cork and Dublin. With the help of a qualified H-Training career guidance counsellor, adults of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds are finding their own route towards more fulfilling and enjoyable careers.

Career Guidance for Adults

If you’re feeling stuck in your career and you can’t bear the thought of missing out on exciting new career opportunities, H-Training can help you make the transition to a new career path. We offer career guidance for adults just like you. Although we have offices in Cork and Dublin, we cater for people all over the world as we prefer o use an online system via video calls.
When you’re in a rut, the uncertainty of your career prospects is probably what’s setting you back. H-Training gives you clarity and sets you on a new course with a vision of the career that’s right for you, a focused approach, and a plan to get you to your destination. 
Carefully tailored to suit your needs using up-to-the-minute research into best practices for career evaluation and transition, our career guidance programme is backed up by the experience of our in-house career coaches and career guidance counsellors
Working in collaboration with business clients from a wide array of sectors and fields, we use our tried-and-tested career coaching programme to support you not only in gaining greater self-awareness but also in understanding your options in the context of a changing job market.
We support you in understanding your core strengths, attributes, and personality traits using a variety of bespoke career guidance tests. We provide a career guidance assessment based on your results and your previous experience to help you narrow down your options to the ones best suited to your needs and aspirations.
Finally, with the help of a qualified career guidance counsellor, we create a plan to help you market yourself. Leverage our experience and our understanding of today’s job market in Ireland to make full use of the qualities that give you your competitive edge.
Together, we can focus on your innate abilities and your acquired skills to help you progress in your career and find positions that honour your values and acknowledge your accomplishments. We can also look at specific skills that you feel you need help with to make that jump to the next level such as sales training and interview coaching. 

Unique Solutions

Find Your Ideal Career With H-Training

Research tells us that people feel more appreciated, motivated, and fulfilled when their careers reflect their values and core beliefs. So, our career guidance for adults take a long, hard look at who you really are and how you perceive the world.

In this phase of the programme, it’s not unusual to find that people’s chosen career and their core beliefs and wishes clash. By helping you gain insight into your deeper self, and translating this into possible career pathways for you, we can help you find that a more rewarding route to success.

We’ll be looking beyond your background and qualifications and onto your traits and characteristics to find out what makes you tick.

Through tried-and-tested methodologies, we'll guide your self-analysis and reveal your:

  • Personality
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Key Work Motivators
  • Personal Interests and Passions
  • Ideal Work Environment

Next we may examine your key strengths to help gain more clarity about your

  • Transferable Skills
  • Favourite Skills

Armed with this new knowledge, we can then rely on intervention methods and models to steer you onto the right path and help make the idea of a transfer to a new career pathway sink in. Once you’re comfortable, we can proceed to find ways to make you stand out among competitors on the same career path.

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Career Guidance For Adults All Over Ireland

Our programme focuses on career guidance for adults throughout the entire country. Together with our experienced career coaches and counsellors, you’ll be able to move up the proverbial career ladder with confidence and agility.

Wherever you are in Ireland, you’re welcome to try our career guidance for adults programme, which is also available online. Reflecting on what we learn together, let’s brainstorm career ideas and boost your career prospects together. Reach your full potential with our new offer, and don’t hesitate to choose one of our other helpful programmes while you’re here.

Leverage our 30 years of HRM and business management experience, and sign up for the Leadership Programs. Improve your sales skills and your motivation in a retail environment with our sales coaching service. Or better understand your core competencies and work on them to develop your competitive edge, answering questions effectively and keeping your nerves in check with our interview coaching programme.

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Learn to Market Yourself With H-Training

Our internationally recognised programme has been used by many of our clients to further their careers. One reason for its success is the fact that it focuses on ways to make a candidate harness their strength and competencies in ways that make them stand out.

When you sign up to our programme on Career Guidance for Adults, you learn how to:

  • Align your profile with the needs of current employers
  • Find and evaluate suitable positions
  • Look at industry trends and adapt to change
  • Apply job search strategies to maximise resources

Armed with this information, you will begin to work on your CV, as well as LinkedIn, social media and other profile, adapting them to your chosen career. With interview and job hunting tips galore, you will also be able to maximise your chances of obtaining the position you want.

Our career guidance for adults programs is comprehensive and developmental between H-Training and you. We help by working closely with the client, which involves facilitation and reflective listening techniques whilst analysing the client’s career path with tools such as our on our premium package the emotional intelligence assessment . Prospective clients should come prepared with the following: 

1. Come With an Open Mind

Clients should always be willing to learn and put new strategies into practice. A client that comes with an open mind, eager and willing to learn and implement new approaches to professional development will benefit the most from our career guidance for adults programmes. 

2. Willingness To Implement Identified Strategies

All of the skills and knowledge obtained will be for nothing if they aren’t implemented. Clients should be ready to put their skills and knowledge into practice. H-Training will open the door (or many doors), but ultimately you must walk through on your own. Our team will provide all of the support required for your career aspirations

3. A Long-Term View

There will be ups and downs in labour markets, so it stands to reason that there’s no guarantee that clients will land their perfect career immediately after their first session. Honing and mastering the skills developed in our program will take time. Also, keep in mind that suitable career opportunities come and go, so there’s no guaranteed way to time the market in your favour. Patience is a critical virtue to hold for the long term. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Career guidance is a developmental program designed to help people make and implement informed decisions about their career options. You can think of it as a journey of self-discovery and development, on which people try to match their personal traits and skills with existing career pathways and align themselves to industry trends to find the best-suited job for them.

A quality career guidance program will benefit you by providing you with an expert, objective point of view with regard to your career development. It might be the case that you’re too focused on your job to take a step back and have a truly objective view of your prospects and career opportunities. Career guidance helps give you the knowledge and expertise needed to leverage your career growth and development. 


Furthermore, big changes in your career can induce stress, which is why having a career guidance expert to guide you through this time is beneficial. Searching for new opportunities can also lead to plenty of frustration, rejection, and disappointment. An expert will help you navigate these challenges to help you succeed. With assistance for career preparation to interview tips and much more, they will set realistic, achievable goals for you.  

There’s no shortage of unqualified career advice. But if you’re looking for a qualified professional with a good grasp of job market trends and available job opportunities that would suit your skill set, your best option is a career guidance counsellor.


Certified Guidance Counsellors assist and advise people about the academic and personal development decisions they could make to further their careers. Because guidance counsellors tend to work with students, there’s some confusion as to what they can offer adults. It’s not unusual for professionals who work specifically with adults to be called Career Coaches instead. Rather than focus on academic pathways, Career Coaches have a broader view of career prospects and the job market, and are best placed to offer advice on academic, personal development, and career issues.

Careers consultants specialise in helping people make their career choices. Their advice can be used to further careers, transition to different fields of activity, or simply to take stock of existing achievements and set new career goals. Career consultants can help you move onwards and upwards in your career, switch jobs, shift professions, or take on a new challenge, such as running your own business. All this and more can be discussed in our Career Guidance in Cork programme.


Career advisers can be freelance experts, in-house consultants, or employees of an HR company. Their approach can be very different, and their advice can vary depending on the business connections they have and the types of tests that they use. Some are in favour of personality and psychometry tests, for instance, while others take a more business-oriented approach to their evaluations and interventions. For more on this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team in charge of the Career Guidance in Cork programme.

  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Offer a suggestion based upon what you have learned about a customer’s needs
  • Pose a question to the customer that delivers options within the range of the product or service you are attempting to sell
  • Make an assumption i.e. assume there will be another meeting, or that you will arrange delivery of the product


An experienced and reputable career coach can help you with you establish your professional goals and support you in making a career move. From helping you draft your CV to giving you ways to cope with stress, career coaches have valuable information to share. However, they can only steer you in a direction or make suggestions for you to try alternative routes, but they can never tell you what to do. Their modus operandi is to support you through your decision-making process and to give you time and space to come to terms with the changes you’re faced with. To find out more about Career Guidance in Cork, why not book your appointment today?

Aside from the classic role of helping you find soft skills relevant to a chosen job, a career counsellor can readily discuss internships, apprenticeships, and job opportunities, CV tips, and social media tip. They can also help you articulate your strengths and market your skills better, among other things.


The cost of our program depends on the package. Starting at €400, our standard package includes CV and LinkedIn development, job search planning, and 4 hours of coaching. At €600, our premium package comes with an extra LinkedIn audit, key decision making plan for networking and identification, and 6 hours of coaching. At €800, our executive package comes with 8 hours of coaching, career networking referral, and ongoing support as well as a complete DISC Personality profile. Payment options are also available for each of these programme if required

You shouldn’t be wasting your valuable time and resources but instead investing them into your own success, which is why a qualified career guidance professional is highly effective to facilitating your goals for career development. You should consider the following traits as requirements for selecting a professional; 

  • Academic qualifications: reputable professionals will always be proud to showcase their qualifications, so look for experts with education and training in Human Resource Management, Organisational Psychology, Business Consulting, and similar academic fields. 
  • Proven track record: experience is a major asset when giving advice, so they should be well-established and have plenty of experience providing professional guidance. They will have experience training panel members with interview panel trainingCorporate Group Interview Training, and group facilitation. So if you ever go for an interview involving a couple of interview panel members, the expert will know what questions the panel will ask and help you prepare for one of these situations.  
  • Enthusiasm and Passion: an important job for any career guidance expert is to motivate clients to overcome challenges, fears, and problems with self-esteem to work towards success. It only makes sense that they should themselves be highly enthusiastic and passionate in order to motivate their clients towards a successful path. 
  • Professionalism: if you’re trying to achieve a high level of professionalism, your career guidance expert should equally be committed to professionalism. This means always being on time, dressing appropriately, and conducting themselves in a professional manner. 
  • Local market knowledge: local and regional variations in labour markets can differ drastically, even within Ireland. A reliable career guidance specialist must have a good understanding of the market in which they operate. If you’re looking for tips for conducting an interview in Ireland, for example, they should understand common interview techniques and practices common in Ireland – not France or Germany. 

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