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Interview Coaching is one of H-Training’s key services. We are uniquely placed to offer specialist expertise to clients across the civil service, multi-national organisations and SMEs. Our clients range from local authorities to an Garda Síochána, as well as tech heavyweights such as Twitter, Teamwork and Google. We also work with worldwide-known companies such as the United Nations. This unique blend of experience allows us to provide a nuanced approach to each role. Through interview coaching, we will guide you on how to best demonstrate the behaviours and competencies tailored to the role for which you are applying. We have offices in both Cork and Dublin but operate in all corners of the world.

H-Training has supported thousands of candidates at all levels of employment to advance their careers. We have a tried and tested method to interview coaching that is personable, applicable and supportive. Many people struggle with interviews, so you are not unique in seeking guidance. It can be a daunting experience to present yourself to a panel of people and take a chance at something you really want.

Having developed behavioural competencies and consulted in the recruitment function across a range of disciplines for over thirty years, H-Training is well-positioned to steer you in the right direction. We divide the interview training process into four categories:

The Benefits of an Interview Coach

A lot of our clients are daunted by the prospect of sitting a competency-based interview. However, understanding the evolution of recruitment models and what an organisation is trying to achieve with this approach, can really help to settle your nerves and focus more on what is required to be successful.

We need to be clear on one thing, interviewing is a competition. Whether you live in Cork, Dublin, L. A or Hong Kong, an organisation is looking for the best candidate available. In this vein, interview training will help you to be clear on what you are offering. What is your pitch? Why should they choose you? This is not something we make up or spin. H-Training helps you to understand what it is about your skills, experience and knowledge that will help you stand out from the crowd. The information is already there, we just need to curate it.

Most of the information we deliver is written. How can you do this verbally and with impact? This is often a challenge candidates face at interview. The answer here is simple. You practice saying your competencies and discussing your competitive advantage aloud. This does not mean you learn it off by heart, as that is not recommended. What you do is practice discussing it or telling your story naturally. By doing so repeatedly you will inevitably develop a flow to what you are saying.

Nervousness is an unfortunate reality of the interview process for many people. Many of our interview coaching clients approach us because of this. In one sense, this indicates how much you want the role. On many of the interview panels H-Training has sat on or chaired, this was seen as a positive. If it is my organisation, I want someone who cares about the work over someone who doesn’t. The trick is not to let it overwhelm you. Many people from high level business executives in leadership roles to professional athletes use nervousness to their advantage. Through mindfulness and coaching, we will ensure that you can do the same!

Frequently Asked Questions


For first time clients it typically takes 3 x 1 hour sessions depending on whether candidates would like to sit a mock interview to practice all of the learning at the end. This applies to interview coaching, however with application form development this can take a little bit longer as we have to write out competencies, which is more time consuming and depending on the level of the form can take up to three hours or more. For career strategy or career coaching appointments we would begin with an initial hour to map out your goals and understand what you are trying to achieve before deciding on the best approach.

We typically look for an application form or previous feedback from another interview, or a CV or cover letter and a job specification if available.

Absolutely not. There is a common misconception that only people who can talk the talk are good at interviews. As an organisation that trains interview boards providing interview skills for hiring managers and has spent a lot of time  on them, we understand that’s there are people who think they can cheat or charm the system. A good interview board has techniques for identifying chancers, as they are often the last type of candidate an organisation wants.

In a nutshell no, however, many of our interview coaching clients don’t realise that this is something that everyone who goes for interview is entitled to under GDPR legislation and if you are interviewing with an organisation that falls under Freedom of Information legislation (FOI).

H-Training offer career and corporate services. Our services vary and can be your go to career coach, help you with career guidance, help with job application forms or complete an emotional intelligence assessment on you.

If you are a corporation, we tend to help you with interview panel training and corporate group interview training.

Check in touch with one of our team members today if you are in need of our services.

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