Interview Coaching In Cork

Interview Coaching in Cork

Interview coaching in Cork is an increasingly competitive field. It can be difficult to decide who to choose from and there are many good services available. At H-Training we have seen a lot of competitors come and go over the years. However, we are still here and focused on one thing: your success. H-Training was founded in 1989 and our experience has positioned us really well to help people get hired and promoted. Many former HR professionals retire after spending years working in a particular industry and use some of their redundancy or retirement money to invest in promoting or founding a new business in interview coaching and some even charge significantly lower fees to gain new customers. However, it is very important to remember that many of these service providers have limited exposure beyond their particular area of expertise. This is often limited to two or three businesses. At H-Training, we are uniquely positioned to help you get hired, promoted or make a career change. Therefore we wanted to spend some time letting you know why we feel we are the best.

Why H-Training

There is a key difference between our competitors and H-Training. For 30 years we have worked across both the private and public sectors. Our public sector clients range from the HSE to Cork County and City Councils along with most of the local authorities nationally and the leading union in the public sector, Forsa, the Irish Prison Service and An Garda Síochana to name just a few. 

In the private sector we have worked with many tech giants, including Google, Twitter, McAfee along with an ever-expanding portfolio of Start-ups and SMEs.The biggest challenge these clients regularly cite in being successful comes down to one thing: getting the right people!

We work with these organisations in a number of capacities. For some we have developed recruitment systems. For others we train the teams who interview candidates. Along with this we develop leaders to deliver results and realise the organisation’s goals. Much of our focus also concerns Strategic Development, where we coach CEOs and business owners and advise them on how best they can grow. 

Central to all of this work is people! 

We understand and regularly hear the challenges Senior Executives Engineers (SEEs) have in Local Authorities, along with those of Senior Executive Officers (SEOs). Many of these people sit on interview boards and are the decision makers you are trying to influence in your interview. At H-Training we have also assisted a number of clients going for roles with the Public Appointments Service or PAS. These are often nationally recruited campaigns where candidates are selected and panelled according to their preferred location. However, given that it is organised nationally it can often be very competitive. We have seen a lot of our clients procure roles as a result of this work. We are very familiar with the type of people who sit on these interview boards both in local interviews and nationally. We work with them to ensure results and have also facilitated many of these decision makers in their leadership development. 

There is a key point here that deserves being emphasised:

“At H-Training we can help you to understand how these people think!”

This is why we firmly believe we offer a premium service and the results we get for our clients speak for themselves.

Reasons For Interview Coaching

There are a lot of reasons that people need interview coaching:

    • There may be a lot of competition for your job. 
    • You might find the interview process daunting 
    • It might have been years since your last interview
    • You might go blank in the interview
    • You might ramble in the interview
    • You might find it hard to communicate why they should pick you or to ‘sell’ yourself

But the ultimate reason you seek support with interview coaching is because you believe you can be more. This work is about results and we are very focused on this. We have a high rate of success across all of the clients we have worked with. Many of them have returned to us over the years to prepare for their next level of interview and we have watched many people ascend from entry level to executive and the reward this provides us with is very hard to over-emphasize.

However, another reason for choosing H-Training that we would like to highlight is our commitment to our clients. At H-Training we don’t just work for money. We get to experience and share in the elation of our clients realising their dreams. This is why we love Interview coaching in cork and beyond. With each of our clients we embark on a journey of discovery. 

Our Process

First we learn about you and what your challenges are and why you feel you need interview Coaching. We review your experience of interviews to date and any attendant feedback you have received. Sometimes with public roles feedback can be very limited. There have been some cases taken against interview boards based on their treatment of candidates and this has made interview boards very reticent with what they write about candidates. The heightened political environment of recent years has contributed to this further.

It is also important during this process to examine where you are mentally with regard to interviews. Many people have been subtly turned off by the process and don’t fully appreciate the difficulty this causes them. Preconceived opinions and challenges can often infiltrate a candidates’ performance in an interview. Nerves or resentment can be misconstrued as a bad attitude or a lack of interest. 

We then bring our clients through the evolution of the interview process. In doing so we discuss much of the current thinking regarding interviews and also what is required to separate yourself from the field. We also look at the schools of thought and we also have extensive experience of competency-based interviews. In doing this, we walk our clients through how to best prepare both in writing and in an interview what is required to excel here. Key in this is how to demonstrate your competency.

The most most important question we ask however, is why the interview board should pick you. We cannot emphasize this enough. Many people lean on experience or revert to their CV here. If we could find the answer to this question on your resume, there wouldn’t be any need for interviews. We can help you tailor an answer to this question that really delivers an impactful message.

Interview coaching is a competition. We support people to win or achieve the best possible results. For thirty year we have received countless messages of thanks from a broad selection of clients who despite their doubts got the job in the end. 

At H-Training, unlike many of our competitors who do this work on the side, we are hungry and very determined to grow and expand our offering beyond Cork and Dublin and are currently expanding our team to reach more people

The only question remaining is what are you wanting for?

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