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Maximise Return on Your Investment

Many organisations avail of management, learning and development intervention on an ad-hoc basis.

Based on a specific need that arises or challenges being experienced by the organisation. However, for some organisations undertaking bigger change initiatives this is not always an effective approach. 

● Spread the cost of H-Training’s services over a 12-month period
● Maintain the consistency of long-term development
● Reduce investment under a contracted agreement

At H-Training you can avail of the opportunity to consolidate your interventions, get greater return on your investment and spread you payments over a 12-month period. This provides you with a consistency of approach and a more strategic focus and better outcomes.

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Interview Coaching


● 30 days €24,000
● 40 days €30,000
● 50 days  €35,000

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About the Author Ciaran Hourican

As a professional coach, mentor and facilitator Ciaran has a passionate interest in developing competencies at all workplace levels but particularly in first-line and mid-level managers. His well-developed skills in coaching and his unique approach gains the confidence of clients and supports them towards significant development.

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