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• Improve your presentation of information in a logical and structured manner
• Learn techniques to manage your thinking and control nervousness before and during the interview
• Develop your edge for the job role
• Answer questions effectively through skilled tuition
• Develop a better understanding of your job role and relevant competencies

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    1 Hour Online Video Conference Session

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    Two 1 Hour Online Video Conference Sessions

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    Two 1 Hour Online Video Conference Sessions plus 1 Hour Follow up Session

A 5 star rating...

Excellent, very professional and personal too. So very easy to talk too, had some great discussions and always on time for appointments. A 5 star rating to improve my work / life balance.

Olive O'Sullivan

Ciaran provided an excellent and detailed training course...

Ciaran provided an excellent and detailed training course which really helped me excel in my managerial role. Certain Aspects of my job I used to struggle with but now became much easy to deal with. Ciaran also had vast experience and was really easy to learn from.

Liam Downey

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