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Performance Management

Performance management is essentially a communication system between management and staff.

It gives staff at all levels a clear understanding of what is expected from them and the standards to be achieved in yearly and quarterly cycles.

Ideally this process should be guided by an organisations values and mission statement. This is where H-Training would take its cue from in developing the required behavioural framework. The process is circular and therefore a starting point can often be a challenge for organisations. Each recruit should see the requirements of their role expressed in the same language at interview, induction, throughout performance discussions and in any learning and development work undertaken. 

In H-Training’s experience, organisations often only reflect on processes for managing performance when a grievance arises. However, when the process communicates a clear and consistent message, performance become more integrated in the basic culture. Team working is also established and peer support can be enhanced. Developing, maintaining and tweaking this process, requires on-going support through learning, mentoring and coaching. However, when it is implement right it leads to highly effective organisations, delivering not only for customers, but team members and stakeholders in a healthy and positive culture.

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About the Author Ciaran Hourican

As a professional coach, mentor and facilitator Ciaran has a passionate interest in developing competencies at all workplace levels but particularly in first-line and mid-level managers. His well-developed skills in coaching and his unique approach gains the confidence of clients and supports them towards significant development.

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