Given H-Training’s exposure to the recruitment processes employed across a range of industries, in both the public and private sectors, and a keen understanding how these practices have evolved, we can offer comprehensive support for the recruitment of staff. We have successfully managed a series of recruitment initiatives for our partners in recent years both domestically and internationally. Our approach is informed by our awareness of both the HRM function and learning and development.

Our HRM experience has often reflected in cases of grievance that an individual or certain members of a team were not assessed properly at the interview stage and this led to the issues that ultimately emerged. A robust competency framework of recruitment can help to minimise this an ensure that if there is a shortfall in any area it can be address through learning and development.

Our process includes partnering with your organisation to establish your requirement for each respective role as specifically as possible. We can then write up the job spec for advertisement and either advertise it through traditional channels, i.e, or LinkedIn. We will then manage the responses and screen applicants for interview. From here we can either train your team in the interview board process or partner with you to chair the interviews ourselves. And finally we can handle all the follow up administration if required.

Although we offer a comprehensive service, it can be availed of piecemeal, where you feel you may need assistance. For example, you might hire us to assist you with the job spec and in order to scope out your requirements. Furthermore, we could just manage the interview board aspect of the recruitment. The key advantage of what we offer is flexibility. The service can be built around any pre-existing framework you have or plugged into aspects where you feel you may need some support.


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