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H-Training has a long-standing reputation for developing sales teams. Perhaps one of the most lucrative skills any candidate can bring to the job market is the ability to negotiate an agreement and secure new business. H-Training is acutely aware of this given our record of success in delivering our services. We offer a comprehensive sales training program that drills down into the central message you are trying to covey about a product or service, but also the method you employ to deliver this message. We will also explore strategies to get before decision-makers and work with your team through coaching to equip them to make a bigger impact in their dealings with any and all potential clients. Our programmes are suitable to all levels of sales teams but we can further establish the message you are delivering by partnering with the senior management team in order to identify your organisations edge in the marketplace. In other words, we will develop an answer to the question of why someone should do business with you and integrate it into a compelling argument.

As part of this work we can also assist you on a strategic level to identify new pipelines for your business and assess the validity of taking your product and or services into the digital realm. Our job is to challenge you in this and ensure you are making sound commercial decisions that are not being influenced by any emotional variable. Furthermore, we will investigate if you are talking yourself out of any other challenges that might be worth reassessing.

H-Training also supports the recruitment process to identify the talent required for world class sales people, and provides development at three levels to support this:

  • Onboarding and induction programme.
  • Refresher programmes to rebuild the edge and focus for established sales teams.
  • Comprehensive programmes for Sales Managers and/or those moving to a more strategic role.

In this vein H-Training also offers a Strategic Leadership qualification for senior managers or business owners that supports them with the complex and difficult decisions that come with such responsibility. This programme couples the practical application of running a business strategically in the relevant theories to help you make more informed and reflective decisions.


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