The Importance of Interview Coaching and Training

In an interview, candidates are assessed on their ability to communicate their message in a specific way within a defined setting. Understandably, this contributes to a variety of anxiety-related issues. Although many candidates can have a predisposition towards anxiety, for others it is brought on by the idea of the interview. A host of scenarios […]

Competency Based Interviews. What they are. How to Smash them.

competency-based interviews

Competency-Based Interviews Competency-based interviews may sound unique, but they are not. Competencies are becoming a more common foundation for interviews. They allow you to showcase your ability, based on specific examples from your career. Literature suggests that past behaviour and experience are accurate predictors of future job performance, making competency-based interviews one of the most […]

Blake Mouton and the Complexities of Good Leadership

​The Blake and Mouton Managerial grid is an excellent guideline for understanding leadership and at H-Training we use it with many of our clients. It’s simple design tells us a lot about leadership and the different styles that a manager can employ. However, many clients are often surprised by some of what it indicates. The […]

You’ve been there the longest so the job is yours? Be careful with your mindset

Getting your mindset correct with interview coaching will help you to ensure that they see why you are the right candidate. Longevity can fool many people into taking it easy in interviews and this needs to be challenged. Thinking it’s your turn is ​exactly what we are talking about here. A ‘my turn culture’ benefits […]

Interviewing for Graduate Programs and Internships

It can be difficult to know how to prepare for an interview for an internship or graduate programme. However, there are some important interview coaching things to keep in mind before you begin preparing. Internships can be controversial. It is not everyone that can afford to work for free in the name of acquiring valuable […]

How do CAR and STAR interview techniques help?

Little of our formal education is focused on the verbal presentation of information. This is why interview coaching can be so incredibly beneficial. Granted we have oral exams and at third level there is some attention paid to presentations. However, the learning curve in industry can be a steep one. Teams are regularly charged with […]

Education versus Experience? Experience Please

We reserve a particular esteem for institutions in Ireland. From the Catholic Church to various branches of the public sector a legacy of reverence is very apparent. In his recent book on the Maurice McCabe story, A Force for Justice, Mick Clifford (in prelude to the subject matter) writes about the Irish public’s traditionally positive […]

The Problem with New Years Resolutions

The new year brings with it an legion of new starts everywhere from the gym to the fridge and all that happens in between. However, despite the positive intentions behind the new years resolution fad there are some considerable problems with sustaining what seems like destiny from in front of the fire half-way through your […]

My problem with the term ‘Life Coaching’

‘What’s in a name’, William Shakespeare’s Romeo once famously asked. Perhaps on a cellular level not much. However, we live in a visual age where the optics have become far more significant than they used to be. From LinkedIn profiles to Facebook Pages and Product launches and logos, design has become big business and marketing […]

Coaching: Empowering Development

The process of coaching is to facilitate reflection. A coach skillfully frames questions in not just asking, but challenging clients (supportively) to own their part in a given exchange and come to an understanding of perhaps how they could do things differently. However, the possibilities in coaching are wide ranging.

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