Talent Management

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IntroductionH-TRAINING is an established ​and flexible provider of Strategy Driven and Integrated Talent Management. The service includes:

Section 1. ​Human Resource Planning​ & Recruitment ​1. ​Identifying the ​optimum team size2. ​Support with the approach to sourcing talent3. ​Establishing the recruitment process 4. ​Appointing candidatesSection 2. Learning & Development and Performance Management​1. ​Establishing an effective on-boarding Programme​2. Developing a comprehensive Learning & Development plan                3. ​Managing the Performance Cycle. 

Section 3. Succession Planning & Leadership Development​1. Developing an approach to Succession Planning​2. Developing Leaders in the organisation

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H-Training provides a range of services in Learning and Development, Competency-Based Interview Coaching, Recruitment and Strategic Consultancy. Founded in 1989 its clients range from Corporate tech giants to Local Authorities, An Garda Síochána and a range of SME’s.

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